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Parents Complain About Survey Sent to Fifth Graders

It asked about their sexual history and gender identity

(Newser) - A survey that asked fifth-grade students in Vermont about their sexual history, preference, and gender identity has drawn complaints from parents, the AP reports. The survey sent to Windsor Elementary School students was conducted by WISE, a nonprofit domestic violence prevention and advocacy group, WPTZ-TV reported. A notice was sent... More »

Caught Your Teen Sexting? Don't Panic

Researchers say it could be a healthy part of sex education, if handled correctly

(Newser) - If you've finally mastered "OMG" and "IYKWIM," you may be ready for the next step in deciphering text messages—though if you're the parent of a teen, you might not like what you uncover. That's because teens are spending more time sexting, with at... More »

'Nashville Statement' on Gays, Transgenders Earns Mayor's Ire

And the ire of many others after evangelicals issue their 'Christian manifesto'

(Newser) - The mayor of Nashville has lashed out after a group of evangelical leaders put out a "Christian manifesto" named after her city to offer church guidance on sexuality issues. Per the Washington Post , the so-called "Nashville Statement," a 14-point cheat sheet from the Council on Biblical Manhood... More »

Size Does Matter When It Comes to Flings vs. Partners

Women prefer slightly longer penises in their one-time partners, study finds

(Newser) - Size doesn't matter? Well, maybe it does, at least a little. A new study finds that when it comes to a fling, women prefer a bigger penis. More specifically, researchers found that in a one-time sexual partner, women on average prefer a penis 6.4 inches long and 5... More »

More of Us Are Knocking Boots With the Same Sex

More Americans approve of homosexual encounters, too

(Newser) - The 2010s, baby. More Americans are opening up to the idea of same-sex experiences—and trying them out, according to a survey of 30,000 adults that's been ongoing since 1972. A year after the survey began, just 11% of participants thought homosexual sex was A-OK. By 1990, that... More »

Emma Watson: I Pay to Learn About Sexual Pleasure

'Harry Potter' star recommends

(Newser) - Emma Watson is learning about things you won't find in the Hogwarts school library. The 25-year-old Harry Potter star—who says she's taking a break from acting to educate herself about feminism—is learning about women's sexual pleasure from a website called , reports People . "... More »

Duke Freshmen Refuse to Read Graphic Novel on Sexual Identity

Say Alison Bechdel's 'Fun Home' goes against personal, religious beliefs

(Newser) - Alison Bechdel's Fun Home , a "family tragicomic," is a graphic memoir about the cartoonist's relationship with her distant father growing up and her coming of age as she grappled with her sexual identity. But although the committee tasked with giving incoming freshmen at Duke University a... More »

29% of Young Americans Are Some Degree of Bisexual

British youths are even more fluid with their sexuality

(Newser) - Gay, straight, or in between? When asked to place themselves on a sexuality scale, almost a third of young Americans—and nearly half of their British counterparts—consider themselves some degree of bisexual, reports polling website YouGov , which states the results indicate an "increasingly open-minded approach to sexuality."... More »

Ben Carson: Being Gay Is a Choice, and Prison Proves It

Potential 2016 candidate says straight people leave prison gay

(Newser) - Ben Carson says being gay is "absolutely" a choice and that the evidence to back his claim is prison. "A lot of people who go into prison go into prison straight—and when they come out, they're gay," the potential 2016 GOP candidate says in a... More »

Why I Want My Daughter to Be Gay Like Me

For Sally Kohn, being gay has always been 'a gift'

(Newser) - CNN political commentator and mom Sally Kohn is offering an outlook on parenting she says even her friends aren't so sure about: "I'm gay," Kohn writes in the Washington Post , "and I want my kid to be gay, too." Kohn says that despite the... More »

What It Means to Be Demisexual

Asexual people, 'gray-aces' feel limited sexual desire

(Newser) - For some, sexual identity isn't about whom you find attractive, but whether you feel much attraction at all. In Wired , Kat McGowan suggests that our expanding understanding of sexuality may still have a long way to go. Asexual people are defined at the Asexual Visibility and Education Network as... More »

Jealous Men Focus on Sex, Jealous Women on Feelings

Giant study looks at gender, sexuality differences on cheating

(Newser) - Ask a heterosexual man and woman about their reactions to their partners cheating, and you'd likely get two very different answers. That's according to a huge study on jealousy among people of different sexes and sexualities. Researchers at Chapman University polled some 64,000 people on how they'... More »

Guy Pulls Out Sword After Fight Over Sexuality

Heated argument between Cleveland pals ramps up when one whips out 2-footer

(Newser) - They could've kept it a simple guys' night watching the Cavaliers game on TV and playing dominoes together. But two Cleveland men became embroiled Wednesday in a more pointed activity after one of the men, a 48-year-old who's called "Cowboy," decided to accuse his 44-year-old pal... More »

Willa Cather's Lesbian 'Shame': Finally Put to Rest in Letters?

Debate about her 'sexual psychology' has raged for years

(Newser) - Willa Cather's letters are coming to print after decades of scholarly frustration and debate about her sexuality, the New York Times reports. But be warned: The Selected Letters of Willa Cather, which reveals her emotional attachment to women, is short on steamy details. Still, it reveals a complex, humorous,... More »

Gay? Check the Pupils

Dilation is reliable clue to sexuality: researchers

(Newser) - Scientists have a new way of investigating a subject's sexuality: It's all in the eyes, they say. Instead of using invasive methods—such as a band around the penis—to determine sexual response, researchers at Cornell simply measured the dilation of subjects' pupils in response to erotic videos,... More »

'Gay Cure' Champion: I Was Wrong

Dr. Robert Spitzer apologizes for study supporting 'gay cure' therapy

(Newser) - A psychiatrist who revolutionized how people view homosexuality has given a tearful apology for a study that supported the notion of a "gay cure." The New York Times looks at how Dr. Robert Spitzer conducted his study, withstood years of merciless criticism, and, suffering from Parkinson’s, finally... More »

Boy Scouts Boot Lesbian Den Leader

Jennifer Tyrrell launches petition for policy shift

(Newser) - Earlier this month, a Cub Scout den leader and mom was removed from her post because she's gay. Now she has launched a campaign to change the organization's policy. When Jennifer Tyrrell became a leader in Bridgeport, Ohio, she was aware of the Boy Scouts' rules against openly-homosexual... More »

Doc: I Found the G Spot

In the cadaver of an 83-year-old. But critics aren't so sure

(Newser) - A semi-retired Florida gynecologist says he's found the holy grail of female sexuality: the G spot. To make his discovery, Dr. Adam Ostrzenski went to Poland—which allows dissection of fresh cadavers, unlike the US—to do a postmortem exam on an 83-year-old woman. He found, he writes in... More »

The New Stigma: Asexuality

In hypersexual West, 'no sex' can be biggest taboo of all

(Newser) - With all the debates over homosexuals, bisexuals, transsexuals, and just plain sex, it's hard to believe any group could be left out. But there is one—the asexuals. People with no interest in any sort of sex are estimated to be 1% of the population, but thanks to the... More »

Lohan Dishes on Sexuality: 'I Go With Nature'

Actress says Marilyn Monroe inspires her

(Newser) - Lindsay Lohan reveals the secret behind her free-wheeling sexuality in the upcoming issue of Playboy: "Sex and sexuality are a part of nature, and I go along with nature," she tells the mag, whose cover pic of Lohan has already leaked online . "I think Marilyn Monroe once... More »

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