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As Deficit Plummets, Feds Actually Saw Surplus in Dec.

Fiscal Q1 figures were looking decidedly up, CBO reveals

(Newser) - Don't look now, but after years of congressional dogfights, the federal budget deficit is in pretty good shape. The deficit plummeted by more than a third in October, November, and December—the first three months of fiscal 2014—the Congressional Budget Office announced yesterday, Reuters reports. In fact, December... More »

Who's to Blame for America's Massive Debt?

Bush policies account for $7T: Washington Post

(Newser) - The United States started 2001 with a cozy nest egg of more than $2 trillion, and now the country owes about $10 trillion—but who's to blame? Put simply, Obama-era policies account for $1.7 trillion of the debt, and Bush policies for over $7 trillion, the Washington Post... More »

'Shameless' Karl Rove Wrong on Budget

White House honcho blasts defense of Bush

(Newser) - David Axelrod is amazed by the “sheer audacity and shamelessness” of Karl Rove’s claims about rampant spending under the Obama administration. The former Bush aide predicted last week that congressional Democrats “will run up more debt by October than Bush did in 8 years.” That would... More »

3 Stories