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Haiti Observes Day of Mourning

Tens of thousands honor quake victims

(Newser) - Tens of thousands of Haitians united today to mourn the victims of the earthquake that devastated the nation 1 month ago. At Champs de Mars, a tent city outside the collapsed National Palace, a 3-day memorial service began. "Haiti has just experienced the biggest tragedy of our history,''... More »

Cop: Baptists Tried to Grab Haiti Kids Earlier

Group caught with a busload of 40 kids last month

(Newser) - The Baptist missionaries jailed on kidnapping charges in Haiti tried not once, but twice, to take kids out of the country, according to a Haitian police officer. The officer stopped the group last month and ordered some 40 children off their bus as they headed from Haiti to the Dominican... More »

At Summit, World Leaders Pledge to Help Haiti Rebuild

Gathering sees cooperation, reluctance to address endemic problems

(Newser) - World leaders at an international summit in Montreal today agreed that rebuilding Haiti will take decades. In fact, "rebuilding" is hardly the word—if successful, the state envisioned by envoys to the conference will bear little resemblance to pre-earthquake Haiti. Canadian PM Stephen Harper said the world community must... More »

Aid Reaches More Survivors

Now, hundreds of thousands need relocation

(Newser) - Improved logistics are allowing relief teams to deliver aid to an increasing number of victims in Port-Au-Prince and other areas of Haiti affected by the deadly earthquake. Given the time that has passed since the quake, disaster teams are switching their focus from search and rescue operations to relocation for... More »

Clinton, Investors Work On 'Marshall Plan' for Haiti

They're trying to create 'composite plan' to rebuild the nation

(Newser) - Bill Clinton and Ireland's Denis O'Brien—Haiti's biggest foreign investor—are collaborating on a "Marshall Plan" for the nation. The leader of Irish telecom Digicel urged companies to re-invest in the earthquake-stricken nation. "Obviously we need foreign direct investment, but on a wider front we need a Marshall... More »

Bill Clinton Visits Haiti

Ex-president, Chelsea tour Port-au-Prince hospital

(Newser) - Bill Clinton visited Port-au-Prince today, touring a hospital and praising the Haitian people as "heroic." The former president, who is also a UN special envoy to Haiti, helped deliver medicine and other supplies. "I'll be surprised and disappointed if 48 hours from now we're not feeding and... More »

Haiti Recalls 9/11 for Rescuers

But scale of destruction shocks even disaster veterans

(Newser) - The New York Task Force has seen a lot—it has worked to save people at Ground Zero after 9/11, in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, and now in Port-Au-Prince after last week's earthquake. For these seasoned rescuers, the experience of saving people from disaster doesn't change that much from... More »

Haitians: 'We Didn't Feel Like We Had a Gov't'

Shy President Préval has been largely MIA since quake

(Newser) - Since Haiti was devastated by last Tuesday's earthquake, the country's president has been so invisible that many Haitians are wondering whether they have a government at all. Haitian officials say the government of President René Préval is too incapacitated to take any public role, but longtime politician Préval... More »

Keep Haiti Donations Coming

Former presidents see tremendous opportunity amid quake's devastation

(Newser) - Americans have a long track record of responding to disaster with overwhelming generosity, and the earthquake in Haiti has been no exception, write Bill Clinton and George W Bush in a New York Times op-ed. Amid the devastation, President Obama's chief fundraisers for the relief effort see incredible opportunity for... More »

Obama Reiterates Haiti Support

5,000 troops to arrive in nation over the weekend

(Newser) - President Obama reaffirmed his commitment to relief in Haiti, telling the survivors of the massive earthquake "that we will do what it takes to save lives and help people get back on their feet." Obama spoke this afternoon—his third public statement in as many days—following a... More »

Roger Ebert Wants to 'Horsewhip' Limbaugh

Rush's Haiti rant gets under critic's skin

(Newser) - Roger Ebert gives Rush Limbaugh a pretty enthusiastic thumbs down over his comments on Haiti yesterday. The Chicago Sun-Times critic wrote an open letter to Limbaugh today, opining that he “should be horsewhipped for the insult you have paid to the highest office of our nation.” Ebert was... More »

Haiti Shows Why We Need CNN

Anderson Cooper's 'boots-in-the-rubble' coverage can't be beat

(Newser) - The appalling suffering in the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti, and Anderson Cooper's effectiveness at "boots-in-the-rubble" coverage of it, have reminded us of the importance of news stalwart CNN, writes James Rainey. CNN has taken an enormous beating for sticking with straight news over political commentary, as cable... More »

Jon Stewart to Pat Robertson: 'Shut Your Piehole'

Limbaugh, Robertson, even Maddow irk Stewart—probably O'Reilly too

(Newser) - Jon Stewart is not happy with people using the earthquake in Haiti to advance their own agendas, and he had some words for Pat Robertson (and other offenders) last night: “Shut your piehole!” The only silver lining to the tragedy “is that whenever something this horrific... More »

Obama to Write Cover Story on Haiti for Newsweek

President agrees to play essayist

(Newser) - President Obama will write a cover story about Haiti for the next edition of Newsweek, which will hit the newsstands Monday. How did the newsweekly snag him? Editor Jon Meacham simply called up David Axelrod, who put the question to his boss, the Wall Street Journal reports. More »

US Troops Man Airport, Rescuers Race Clock

Time running out as workers battle chaos

(Newser) - US troops have taken over security and cargo operations at Haiti's main airport as rescuers struggle mightily against deadlines for saving lives, amid chaos and near-total destruction. The chances of saving victims declines steeply after the first 48 hours following an earthquake. Efforts have been stymied by a poor medical... More »

Haiti Is a Cultural Disaster, Not a Natural One

Progress-resistant country needs 'intrusive paternalism'

(Newser) - The tragedy in Haiti is more a man-made than a natural disaster, caused by shoddy construction and terrible infrastructure, writes David Brooks, noting the 1989 Bay Area earthquake of the same magnitude only killed 63 people. The kind of poverty that caused this catastrophe needs to be tackled, but to... More »

Aristide Seeks to Return to Haiti

Exiled former prez offers to help after earthquake

(Newser) - Haiti's exiled former president, Jean-Bertrand Aristide, offered today to return to his earthquake- stricken homeland to aid relief efforts. Aristide, ousted by a rebellion in 2004, told reporters in South Africa that he and his wife were willing to organize an airplane carrying medical supplies—and themselves—to travel to... More »

Quake Caught on Video

Orderly scene shattered

(Newser) - The first seconds of the earthquake that delivered death and devastation to Haiti was captured on a videotape obtained by CBS News . The hazy film shows cars waiting to enter a roadway, when suddenly the scene shakes violently, cars careen to a stop and a large building appears to erupt... More »

Q&A About Haiti Quake

Questions answered, like why wasn't the Dominican Republic hit?

(Newser) - Confused about why the Haitian earthquake didn't also hit the Dominican Republic or cause a tsunami? Slate provides answers:
  • Why so much destruction? Haiti has no national building codes, and though some follow best practices, inspection is almost nonexistent.
  • Why wasn't the DR affected? It was, but most of the
... More »

Pat Robertson's Network Explains Haiti Comments

He was just repeating what 'countless scholars' have said

(Newser) - The Christian Broadcast Network suggests Pat Robertson is being unfairly vilified after his comments that Haiti is "cursed" because islanders made a pact with Satan. He "never stated that the earthquake was God's wrath," says a CBN statement. He merely repeated what "countless scholars and religious... More »

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