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School Shouldn't Have Barred Child With Atheist Parents: Judge

Gary Mangel, Mai Yasue didn't want holiday decor in school; school said daughter couldn't come back

(Newser) - It began with a dispute over classroom holiday decorations and ended with a preschool keeping a student's registration "hostage to a demand." That's according to a judge on the BC Human Rights Tribunal in Canada, ruling Tuesday that the Bowen Island Montessori School erred in its... More »

Guess Who Hung This in His Office

President Trump apparently likes 'The Republican Club' by Andy Thomas

(Newser) - Maybe you spotted this in President Trump's 60 Minutes segment? It's a print hanging in his office called "The Republican Club" that depicts Trump fraternizing with other US presidents including Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, and Abe Lincoln in a private club, the Daily Beast reports. The framed... More »

7 Things in Your House That Are Bumming You Out

You may not even realize it

(Newser) - Bummed and not sure why? Your home decor might be bringing you down. The Houston Chronicle has a list of 13 things you might want to tweak. A sampling:
  • Family heirlooms: "We hold onto heirlooms/gifts even though we don't like or enjoy them because we feel guilty giving
... More »

Judge: Woman Can Flip Off Neighbors Via Holiday Lights

Louisiana resident has a unique display

(Newser) - A Louisiana woman can resume giving her neighbors an unusual holiday greeting— Christmas lights in the shape of a middle finger. Sarah Childs was in a dispute with some of her neighbors in Denham Springs, just east of Baton Rouge, and decided to send a message with her decorations. Neighbors... More »

Supreme Court: You Can Lie About Military Honors

It may not be right, but it's not illegal, say justices

(Newser) - The health care decision wasn't the only one to emerge from the Supreme Court today: Justices also ruled that the First Amendment protects the right to lie about military decorations, Wired notes. In the 6-3 decision, justices called the Stolen Valor Act—a 2006 law forbidding such speech—unconstitutional.... More »

Love It or Hate It, Tinsel Thrives at Cheap-O Xmas

Sole US manufacturer of 'icicles' says sales up 40%

(Newser) - Decorating Christmas trees with tinsel is a divisive practice, but one thing proponents and detractors can agree on is its economy, a factor that appears to be the deciding one in this holiday season of scarcity. At the only major US maker of the shiny plastic strips, sales are up... More »

What Your Xmas Lights Say About You

They say you're a pretty princess

(Newser) - Your neighbor’s yard is strewn with lit-up Santas, blinking stars, and a waving snowman. Think he’s trying to tell you something? It turns out he is, psychologists tell the Chicago Tribune. They consider decorations a manifestation of our need to communicate. “It’s a very basic tendency... More »

Holiday Cheer Visits the Dead

But cemetery officials aren't crazy about new trend

(Newser) - Across the country, cemeteries are starting to look a lot like front lawns, the New York Times reports. Christmas trees, lights, garlands, and even free-standing Santas surround the dead. “The shopping, the dinners, the parties—you escape all that,” said one decorator. “It’s comforting.” But... More »

Go Green on Christmas, Tree Huggers Say

Greenies call real trees more eco-friendly than plastic variety

(Newser) - You can be eco-friendly this holiday season without turning into Scrooge, the Smithsonian reports. For those considering Christmas trees, environmentalists claim real trees are actually better for the environment than the plastic variety, which emit harmful dioxins when created or when on fire. More »

The Decider With the 'Yee Haw' Aesthetic

Blumenthal connects the dots from cowboy art to Abu Ghraib

(Newser) - You can learn a lot from the art in someone's office, says Sidney Blumenthal, even the oval one. George Bush's prized painting of cowboys riding into the unseen helps explain his "stay the course" mentality, while a painting of the Alamo feeds W's evangelically inflected insistence on a "... More »

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