umbilical cord cells

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Moms Donate Umbilical Cord Blood With New Kits

Pilot program gets it into public donor banks

(Newser) - A new movement is afoot to save and store potentially life-saving umbilical cord blood and make it available to the public, Time reports. Under a pilot program in Texas and North Carolina, new moms bring a kit to the hospital that doctors use to collect the blood and send it... More »

Cord Blood Breakthrough Offers Leukemia Hope

Multiplying umbilical stem cells could overcome need for donor matching

(Newser) - A pioneering technique for multiplying umbilical cord cells has placed the long-elusive "holy grail" of leukemia research in sight, offering new hope for bone marrow transplant recipients. Researchers have manipulated a "signaling pathway" in umbilical cord cells to create more stem cells—thus overcoming the longstanding problem of... More »

2 Stories