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US' 1st Openly Gay Bishop: I'm Getting a Divorce

Gene Robinson, husband were together for more than 25 years

(Newser) - Gene Robinson became the nation's first openly gay bishop in 2003, formed a civil union with his longtime partner, Mark Andrew, five years later, and eventually married him after New Hampshire legalized gay marriage. Now, he writes today in the Daily Beast , that marriage is ending after the couple'... More »

1st Openly Gay Bishop to Retire

Eugene Robinson says the experience has taken its toll

(Newser) - Gene Robinson, the openly gay Episcopalian whose election to bishop reverberated through the religious world, will take early retirement in 2013, reports the Boston Globe. "The last seven years have taken their toll on me, my family, and you,” Robinson told an annual convention of the Episcopal Diocese... More »

Affirmative Action Keeps White Guys in NBA

MSNBC host smells an injustice

(Newser) - You know you’ve really stepped in it when Eugene Robinson and Pat Buchanan agree that you’re wrong. Chris Matthews was talking about affirmative action with those two on Hardball last night, when he declared, “I think a lot of NBA teams carry white players.” Robinson and... More »

Episcopal Church Names Second Openly Gay Bishop

Mary Glasspool will head to LA Diocese

(Newser) - The Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles yesterday elected the Rev. Mary Glasspool as its second openly gay bishop, underscoring Episcopal commitment to accepting same-sex relationships despite enormous pressure from other Anglicans. "Any group of people who have been oppressed because of any one, isolated aspect of their persons yearns... More »

Episcopal Church Lifts Ban on Gay Bishops

Deeper rift with conservatives looms

(Newser) - Leaders of the Episcopal Church voted overwhelmingly yesterday to allow the ordination of gay and lesbian bishops, risking further fissures with conservative parishes and the Anglican Communion. The new policy reverses a 2006 compromise that prohibited the consecration of homosexual clergy, in line with other Anglican churches. Episcopalians will vote... More »

Liz Cheney: Dad Is Not a Crazy Old Coot

Duty calls him to forgo retirement to bash Obama, daughter says

(Newser) - Liz Cheney went on MSNBC’s Morning Joe today, firing back at Washington Post scribe Eugene Robinson for calling her dad a “crazy old coot.” Robinson had said we ought to send Cheney “back to Wyoming” where he could rant in peace. “My dad would probably... More »

Let's Put Cheney Out to Pasture

VP is a veritable font of nonsense

(Newser) - Isn’t it time we sent Dick Cheney back to Wyoming, found him a home “where the buffalo roam and there’s always room for one more crazy old coot down at the general store?” Eugene Robinson asks in the Washington Post. It’s no wonder the TV networks... More »

Obama Needs to Take Gay Marriage Stance

(Newser) - Barack Obama has called himself a “fierce advocate of equality for gay and lesbian Americans,” but with legalized same-sex marriage spreading to state after state and “don’t ask don’t tell” ripe for repeal, he’s been silent, complains Eugene Robinson in the Washington Post. Washington... More »

GOP's Steele Really Might Have a Plan (or He's Nuts)

(Newser) - How can the Republicans get back to being a big-tent majority? “I can’t believe I’m saying this,” writes Eugene Robinson in the Washington Post, but “it should start by paying more attention to the all-too-quotable Michael Steele.” Sure, the party chairman might be crazy,... More »

Inspire Us, Tiger

(Newser) - Ignore the nonstop gloom and doom of economic news to consider a wonderful thing: Tiger Woods is playing golf again. Woods has been rehabbing his left knee since just after his gutsy 2008 US Open win settled forever the question of whether a golfer could be called an “athlete,... More »

Blago's a Clown, and That's Not Funny

Blagojevich is not some kind of clown here to amuse you

(Newser) - These days, everyone seems to find Rod Blagojevich hilarious. Everyone, that is, except the state of Illinois, writes David Broder of the Washington Post. When Blagojevich went on TV instead of testifying at his impeachment hearing, there wasn’t a hint of outrage. The media “treated Blagojevich as if... More »

Openly Gay Bishop Tapped for Inauguration

Robinson will speak Sunday, has been critical of Warren

(Newser) - Barack Obama has asked Bishop V. Gene Robinson, the only openly gay Episcopal bishop, to deliver the invocation at the opening event of Inauguration Week, the Boston Globe reports. Robinson had been among those who criticized Obama for asking same-sex marriage opponent Rick Warren to deliver the main inaugural invocation. More »

Conservative Episcopalians Form Rival Branch

(Newser) - Theological conservatives upset by liberal views of US Episcopalians and Canadian Anglicans formed a rival North American province today. The development is the culmination of a five-year rift that erupted when Episcopalians in New Hampshire consecrated the first openly gay bishop. The split represents a new challenge to the already... More »

Gay Bishop, Obama Discuss Dangers of Being 'First'

Obama camp sought out Robinson three times

(Newser) - Barack Obama had three private conversations with the Episcopal Church’s only openly gay bishop during the campaign to discuss what it meant to be "first," the Times of London reports. “The first words out of his mouth were: ‘Well you’re certainly causing a lot... More »

Heckler Halts Gay Bishop's London Sermon

Episcopal rift over homosexuality roils upcoming conference

(Newser) - He was uninvited to the Anglican Church's big, once-a-decade Lambeth Conference next week, but New Hampshire’s gay Episcopal bishop decided cheerfully to go anyway, to be a “constant and friendly reminder” of gays in the sect. Not so cheerful was the heckler who interrupted his sermon in London... More »

Conservatives Break With Anglican Church

Debate over homosexuality leads to schism 'in all but name'

(Newser) - Traditionalist Anglican bishops, most of them representing the developing world, have broken away from the Anglican communion and formed their own global church. Galvanized by the consecration of Gene Robinson, the openly gay bishop of New Hampshire, the disgruntled clergymen have formed the Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans, which rejects the... More »

Gay Episcopal Bish Weds Partner

Civil union in church with 20-year partner

(Newser) - New Hampshire's openly gay Episcopal bishop has tied the knot with his longtime partner in a civil union. Undercover police were among the 120 guests at the private ceremony in case of trouble, reports the Concord Monitor. The civil ceremony by a justice uniting Bishop Gene Robinson and his partner... More »

New Hampshire Says "We Do" To Gay Unions

State's gay bishop welcomes same-sex civil unions

(Newser) - New Hampshire is about to become the fourth state to offer civil unions for gays—and one of the first couples in line may be the state’s gay Episcopal bishop and a senior state bureaucrat. “My partner and I look forward to taking full advantage of the new... More »

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