martha coakley vs scott brown

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The Top Moments in 2010 Politics

The Tea Party really made things interesting this year

(Newser) - From a January special election right up to the unexpectedly-productive lame duck Congress that just finished, 2010 was an incredible year in politics. Here's the rundown of Politico's top moments:
  • Jan. 9, Scott Brown surges—The Republican took the lead in polls, sending uneasy Democrats into full-fledged panic mode. Just
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After Brown, GOP Sees More Seats in Play

Republican candidates gain confidence boost for 2010

(Newser) - Scott Brown’s surprise victory in Massachusetts has reinvigorated Republican hopes for making gains in the 2010 elections. The GOP is now inspired to take on long shots, and is fielding candidates for the Wisconsin and Indiana Senate seats, which only weeks ago were assumed to be Democratic locks. In... More »

Prez Contradictions Caught Up With Dems

Obama can't do big things while avoiding fights

(Newser) - The contradictions inherent in what President Obama promised to do have caught up with the Democrats big time with their loss in Massachusetts, writes E.J. Dionne Jr. The president couldn't accomplish big things while also changing the tone of Washington, or deliver sweeping change while also steering clear of... More »

Coakley's Next Move: Re-Election

After loss to Scott Brown, she will work for new term as AG

(Newser) - Martha Coakley isn't done with politics yet: She'll be running for re-election as Massachusetts attorney general in the fall. "She loves her job," says her spokesman. "Many of the issues she discussed during this campaign are issues she's already fully engaged in as attorney general—holding Wall... More »

Reid: We'll Wait for Brown to Be Seated

He also floats the idea of using budget reconciliation

(Newser) - Harry Reid took any remaining suspense off the table today, making clear that the Senate won't try to rush a health care bill through the chamber before Scott Brown is seated. “We’re going to wait until the new senator arrives until we do anything more on health care,... More »

Obama: Health Bill Must Wait for Scott Brown

He tells Senate not to 'jam' it through before he's in place

(Newser) - President Obama said today the Senate should wait for Scott Brown before moving ahead on health care reform. "Here's one thing I want to make sure that this is off the table: The Senate certainly shouldn't try to jam anything through until Scott Brown is seated," the president... More »

Time to Fight Back, Obama

Massachusetts disaster means the president must go populist

(Newser) - It's still not clear exactly how President Obama will adjust to the Massachusetts defeat, but one camp has clear advice: No more Mr. Nice Guy, please. A sampling:
  • Katrina vanden Heuvel, The Nation: "Going populist is now smart politics and good policy. The Obama White House needs to show,
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'Drunk' Voters: What Happened Last Night?

Who was that handsome man in the barn jacket?

(Newser) - Globe columnist Brian McGrory portrays Massachusetts voters as power-inebriated sots who will have a hell of a hangover today as they realize whose bed they're in. So "drunk on power, so free of any of my usual inhibitions, I can't remember what's gone on," writes McGrory , posing as... More »

Mass. Vote Wasn't About Health Care

Bay State has already got health care reform, writes Steven Pearlstein

(Newser) - The Democrats' Bay State shocker is bad news for health care reform but it certainly wasn't a referendum on it, writes Steven Pearlstein. Massachusetts voters have a long history of electing Republican governors and senators to offset the Democratic-dominated state legislature so it's no surprise that they chose Scott Brown... More »

Kennedy Son: Voters Wanted 'Blood'

'Unorganized' Dems did poor sales job in Mass. race

(Newser) - The Republican victory for Ted Kennedy's seat proves voters are "out for blood," said the late senator's son. Voters want a "whipping boy" to blame for the lost jobs and foreclosed homes of the economic crisis, said Rhode Island Rep. Patrick Kennedy. "It's like in the... More »

GOP Wants Brown Seated ASAP ... Just Like Kennedy

But state must certify first, Senate rules say

(Newser) - As the victory of Scott Brown in the Massachusetts Senate race sinks in around Washington, Republicans are pushing for Brown to be seated as soon as possible—and using “a novel and ironic precedent,” Brian Beutler and Eric Kleefeld write. Senate rules require a victory be officially certified... More »

Brown Wins Mass. Senate Seat

Republican upset puts Dems' national agenda at risk

(Newser) - Scott Brown scored an enormous Republican upset today, winning the Massachusetts US Senate seat long held by the late Ted Kennedy by a 52%-47% margin over Democrat Martha Coakley. The loss sunders the Democrats’ filibuster-proof, 60-vote supermajority in the Senate, and throws into doubt the future of health-care reform—along... More »

Voters Losing Faith in Obama, Democrats

People split on which party should control Congress; first time since '03

(Newser) - President Obama is still personally popular with voters, but approval of his party continues to slip and galvanize support for Republicans, a new Wall Street Journal/NBC poll shows. Voters are split 41%-41% on which party should control Congress after November—the first time voters haven't favored Democrats in this poll... More »

Steele: RNC Built 'Model' Campaign for Scott Brown

GOP group worked 'behind the scenes' with Massachusetts candidate

(Newser) - If Scott Brown pulls off a Massachusetts victory tonight, Michael Steele wants to be sure that he and his Republican National Committee get their share of the credit. The RNC has been "working very diligently behind the scenes" for 3 months, he wrote in a memo to members obtained... More »

Turnout High in Mass. as Dems Point Fingers

Axelrod says White House would have done more earlier if asked

(Newser) - Voter turnout is heavy in Massachusetts, but without exit polls it won't be clear until after the polls close at 8pm whether Scott Brown or Martha Coakley will be a senator. Based on comments and emails floating about, Democrats are terrified:
  • A Coakley adviser fired off an angry email, obtained
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Mass. Election Could Seal Fate of Health Reform

Dems' options if Brown wins not looking good

(Newser) - With polls showing the majority of Americans opposed to the Democrats' health care reform bill, a victory for Scott Brown in Massachusetts today could sound the death of the party's yearlong effort at health reform. If Dems try to proceed with the reforms in the wake of a Brown victory,... More »

Dems Roll Out Brown Clip Suggesting Obama Mom Unwed

Mass. Senate candidate compared Obama's mother to Bristol Palin

(Newser) - Frantic Democrats are circulating a 2008 interview in which Scott Brown insinuated that Barack Obama was born out of wedlock. While discussing Bristol Palin's pregnancy during the Republican convention, Brown drew a parallel to Obama's mother, who was 18 when he was born. When another interviewee on the program noted... More »

Brown Widens Gap, Takes 9-Point Lead Over Coakley

Republican up 41 points among independents

(Newser) - Scott Brown is 9 points ahead of Martha Coakley in a poll released today, just 1 day before Massachusetts voters decide who will fill Ted Kennedy's Senate seat. New InsiderAdvantage numbers show Brown ahead 52% to 43% with likely registered voters. Among independents, Brown is ahead a staggering 41 points;... More »

Scott Brown Posed Nude for Cosmo

Mass. Senate candidate named 'Sexiest Man' in 1982

(Newser) - Long before he became the man just one election away from scuttling health care reform, Scott Brown was just a 22-year-old law student at Boston College. It was there, during finals week, that Cosmopolitan found him and named him "America's Sexiest Man" in its June 1982 issue. At the... More »

Brown Accuses Coakley of Politicizing MLK Event

Democrats, meanwhile, accuse Brown of anything they can think of

(Newser) - Martha Coakley was in full campaign mode at this morning’s Martin Luther King Day breakfast in Boston, drawing instant criticism from opponent Scott Brown. “I’m running for Senate because Dr. King’s work is unfinished, his dream is unrealized,” Coakley declared. “Tomorrow we act on... More »

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