Haiti evacuation

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US Resumes Haiti Medical Airlifts

Some patients will go to other states, Caribbean countries

(Newser) - Military airlifts of injured Haitians to US hospitals are set to resume today after a five-day suspension in the wake of complaints that Florida hospitals were overwhelmed and needed help footing the bill. In the struggle to aid the estimated 200,000 people injured in the earthquake, the flight suspension... More »

Haiti Injured Airlift Halted Over Cost Dispute

Fla. Gov. Crist wants help with cost of quake patients

(Newser) - Evacuations of critically injured Haitians to hospitals in the US were suspended this week after a dispute arose over who would pay for their medical care, the New York Times reports. The flights were canceled Wednesday after Florida Gov. Charlie Crist asked the federal government to cover some of the... More »

Fast-Tracked Haitian Orphans Arrive in US

Paperwork cut as orphanages struggle to cope after quake

(Newser) - Small groups of Haitian orphans have already begun arriving in the US in recent days as authorities cut red tape for American families with pending adoptions. Haitian orphanages that were struggling to cope now face being completely overwhelmed with new arrivals, and US officials have sped up paperwork to place... More »

As Help Scales Up, So Does Haiti's Nightmare

Survivors increasingly desperate for aid

(Newser) - The staggering scope of Haiti's nightmare came into sharper focus yesterday as authorities estimated 200,000 dead and 1.5 million homeless in the quake-ravaged heart of this tragic land. In one step to reassure frustrated aid groups, the US military agreed to give aid deliveries priority over military flights... More »

Evacuation Splits Haitian-American Families

Mixed citizenship means some family members are left behind

(Newser) - America's effort to get its stranded citizens out of Haiti has created a terrible dilemma for the many Haitian-American families with mixed citizenship. Anybody with a US passport can proceed to Port-au-Prince's airport for immediate evacuation, but family members without American passports must be left behind. Around 3,000 Americans... More »

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