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In 'Extremely Rare' Move, an Order in Jolie-Pitt Divorce Case

Judge mandates Jolie give her ex more access to their 6 kids or risk losing primary custody

(Newser) - In what one expert tells People is an "extremely rare" case, a judge has issued a new order involving Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's six children and warned that if Jolie doesn't follow the order, she could risk losing primary custody to Pitt. Various media outlets got... More »

Mystery Thickens Around Gynnya McMillen's Death

The teenager died earlier this month in a juvenile detention center in Kentucky

(Newser) - The morning after 16-year-old Gynnya McMillen was brought to the Lincoln Village Juvenile Detention Center in Louisville, Ky., she was found alone in her cell, dead. It's been almost two weeks, but neither local nor state officials are going public with any information regarding how she died, reports CBS... More »

David and Sean Goldman, Reunited, Visit Orlando

After 5-year custody battle, NJ dad detours on return home from Brazil

(Newser) - David Goldman, who was reunited with his son today in Brazil after a 5-year custody battle, has returned to the US with the boy—but to Orlando rather than their home state of New Jersey. A jet chartered by Dateline landed shortly after 6 today, reports WESH, the local NBC... More »

Sean Goldman Reunited With Dad After 5 Years

David Goldman's custody battle ends in Brazil

(Newser) - David Goldman, the New Jersey man fighting for five years to gain custody of the son taken to Brazil by his mother, was reunited with him today. Sean Goldman, 9, was brought to the US consulate in advance of a 9am deadline by his maternal grandmother and stepfather, but the... More »

Courtney Love Loses Custody of Frances Bean

Kurt Cobain's daughter has new temporary guardians

(Newser) - Troubled singer Courtney Love has lost legal control over her daughter, Frances Bean Cobain, and a California court has appointed the 17-year-old's paternal grandmother and aunt—Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain's mother and younger sister—her legal guardians. Wendy O'Connor and Kimberly Cobain have authority over the girl's education, health care,... More »

Jacko Autopsy Results Under Wraps, Kids Get Biz Guardian

(Newser) - Michael Jackson's autopsy has been completed, but authorities won't release the results until after their investigation into his death has been completed, reports CNN. Detectives are investigating what role the anesthetic propofol—administered by Dr. Conrad Murphy—played in the singer's death, according to sources. Meanwhile, Jackson's three children are... More »

Katherine Jackson Gets Custody

(Newser) - A judge signed off today on last week’s unofficial custody arrangement for Michael Jackson’s children, appointing Katherine Jackson as the permanent guardian of all three, the AP reports. Jackson’s mother, 79, was the first choice given in his will to raise the children, and is the only... More »

Michael's Mom Gets Custody of Jackson Kids

Rowe will have visitation, sources say

(Newser) - The custody battle between Katherine Jackson and Debbie Rowe is over, sources tell CBS News. The Jackson matriarch has been awarded full custody of Michael Jackson’s three children, and Rowe will have visitation rights—but receive no money. “It’s an agreement for the best interests of the... More »

Jacko's Will: His Mom Gets Kids

Family expected to file it in court today; assets going into trust

(Newser) - Michael Jackson's will calls for his mother to take custody of his three children, People reports. The family is currently reviewing the document—its very existence had been in doubt even a day ago—and is expected to file it in court today, adds TMZ. It includes no numbers, but... More »

Rowe Not Kids' Bio-Mom: TMZ

She could still win custody as surrogate

(Newser) - Not only was Michael Jackson not the biological father of any of his children, neither was Debbie Rowe, his ex-wife, their biological mother, TMZ reports. All three children were conceived in vitro, and Debbie acted as the surrogate for the eldest two—for a fee—sources tell TMZ. More »

Troops Must Also Fight for Custody

Ex-spouses use deployment as an argument against military parents

(Newser) - They already risk their lives daily in Afghanistan and Iraq, but members of the US military increasingly face a different kind of fight on the home front: custody battles. As military divorce rates rise, so too do the number of ex-spouses of troops using deployment as a legal argument in... More »

Devil, US May Care About Satanist's Custody Fight

Mom wants kids to spend Sunday morning in church instead of with devilish dad

(Newser) - An Indiana man says he is a loving father who just wants to share his faith with his kids—but his Christian ex-wife would prefer their daughters spent Sunday morning in church instead of with their Satanist dad. The custody case raises thorny church and state issues, the Chicago Tribune ... More »

Brit, K-Fed Cross Paths in Court

Spears want change in custody deal over two young sons

(Newser) - Britney Spears and Kevin Federline were in court today for a custody hearing, as the colorful pop star apparently sought changes in her visitation schedule—which is currently set at three visits per week to her two children. People described both exes as “somber.” A custody trial looms... More »

When Marriage Goes to Dogs, Where Do Dogs Go?

Custody of furry friends often becomes 'very hotly contested issue'

(Newser) - Joint custody, visitation rights, continued care, and financial support—custody negotiations are no longer restricted to the kids, USA Today reports, as more ex-partners wrangle over the pooch. In a recent survey, 25% of divorce lawyers reported an increase in pet-custody issues, with 90% of those cases involving dogs. It’... More »

Sect Parents Slam 'Vague' Custody Plans

Decry persecution, say Texas offering no clear way to reclaim kids

(Newser) - Hearings for the biggest child custody case in American history began yesterday and members of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints weren't happy with proceedings, the AP reports. Parents of the more than 460 children in state custody complained that the court's recommendations were too generalized and... More »

Huge Polygamist Custody Case Divvied Up Today

Individual cases to be set for 400 kids

(Newser) - The mammoth custody case of more than 400 children seized from a polygamist ranch in Texas will be broken up into individual cases today, the Houston Chronicle reports. Each will examine whether parents can demonstrate that their children will be safe from abuse before they can win them back from... More »

Spears Battles K-Fed Over $1M Legal Bill

She's placed on a weekly $1,500 spending limit

(Newser) - Britney Spears is battling her ex over a $1 million legal bill related to the custody fight over their two sons. The court held off yesterday on ruling on the fees, and instead ordered Spears to stick to a $1,500-a-week spending limit, reports Reuters. Spears' attorney argued that the... More »

Britney Grilled on Parenting

Spends two hours giving deposition

(Newser) - After skipping out on earlier court-ordered depositions, troubled pop star Britney Spears finally spent more than two hours yesterday being grilled about her fitness as a mother by attorneys for ex-hubby Kevin Federline. The 26-year-old singer was questioned at the lawyers' offices about drug use and her often erratic behavior,... More »

Britney Loses Visitation Rights

She remains in lockdown as Federline wins sole custody

(Newser) - Britney Spears’ latest meltdown has cost her visitation rights to her two sons, the Los Angeles Times reports. A court commissioner granted her ex, Kevin Federline, sole custody of the boys at an emergency hearing today. His attorneys requested the hearing a day after Spears locked herself in a room... More »

Battling Brit Taken to Hospital

Faces tests for drugs & alcohol after heated custody dispute with K-Fed at home

(Newser) - Pop star Britney Spears was taken to a hospital on a stretcher early this morning after police responded to a heated custody argument with her ex-husband at her home, CNN reports. She was to be tested for drugs and alcohol and given a psychological evaluation, said officials. She appeared to... More »

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