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Dad Visited Incorrect Grave for Years

Father grieved over stillborn son in wrong spot because of mixup

(Newser) - For seven years, a man in Westminster, Colo., regularly visited the grave of his stillborn son. Or so he thought. NBC 9 Colorado reports that Vance Abeyta learned this year that his son, Quincy, was actually buried in a different spot in Mt. Olivet Cemetery. It seems the Catholic Archdiocese... More »

Man Fights to Keep Wife's Body in Front Yard

James Davis faces off against Alabama health officials

(Newser) - James Davis promised his wife he would bury her at home, and that's exactly what he did. Only problem: A county judge in Alabama has ordered her body moved from her grave site in Davis' front yard, the AP reports. "Good Lord, they've raised pigs in their... More »

In Greece, Graves Are Only for Rent

After that you have to watch while they dig up your relatives

(Newser) - If you’re looking forward to resting in peace someday, try not to kick it in Greece. The country is so drastically short on cemetery space that by law the dead may only rent graves, and then for a maximum of three years, reports Alex Mar of Slate , whose grandparents... More »

Skeletons Mark Historic Gladiator Graveyard

York remains show evidence of lion bites

(Newser) - Scientists have determined that a puzzling collection of skeletons discovered in England is the best-preserved Roman gladiator graveyard ever found. Lion bites, headless corpses and hammer marks on skulls are clues that the 80 skeletons found over a decade were gladiators buried in York, which was a Roman provincial capital... More »

Poe's Mystery Birthday Visitor a No-Show

Cognac and rose-leaving 'toaster' doesn't arrive for first time since 1949

(Newser) - On every one of Edgar Allan Poe’s birthdays since 1949, a mysterious visitor has arrived at his grave in Baltimore in the wee hours and left roses and a bottle of cognac—but no more. The unidentified admirer failed to turn up today. “There was no indication he... More »

5 Stories