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GOP Hopefuls Embrace Pledge to 'Repeal It'

Health care reform law opposition becomes Republican litmus test

(Newser) - The push to repeal health care reform has become a rallying cry for GOP candidates pushing for big congressional victories this year and eager to show their willingness to take on the Democratic agenda. In Florida, Gov. Charlie Crist and conservative upstart Marco Rubio agreed on little else in a... More »

On Health Care, Nuns Are Right

Bishops allow abortion bias to cloud judgment

(Newser) - Catholic bishops used to be some of the biggest supporters of universal health care—now, thanks to controversial abortion provisions, those same bishops could play “a major role in its demise”…that is, unless the nuns have their way. The bishops are upset that the Nelson-Casey anti-abortion amendments... More »

GOP: Use Obscure Senate Rules to Kill Health Bill

Plan for reconciliation bill to die slow procedural death

(Newser) - The White House may not be as close as it thinks to having a health care reform bill to sign, as Republicans are hard at work brainstorming every possible procedural way of weakening and killing it in the Senate. GOP senators plan to use arcane parliamentary rules to hack off... More »

Not So Fast: Rushing Health Bill Is 'Idiotic'

Rather than deem and pass, let's slow down

(Newser) - Now that Democrats are considering “shoving” health care reform through with deem and pass, it’s time to ask: “Is this sane?” One thing is certain: “Rushing to do the wrong thing is, in a word, idiotic,” writes Kathleen Parker, and it’s high past time... More »

Pelosi May Skip Vote on Senate Health Care Bill

House could use procedural trick to 'deem' it passed

(Newser) - Nancy Pelosi thinks she can pass the Senate health care bill in the House without forcing members to vote on it. Instead, she’d have lawmakers vote on a package of popular fixes for the Senate bill, and deploy a House rule that allows that vote to be used to... More »

Warren Buffett to Obama: Rewrite Health Care Bill

Current Senate bill better than nothing, but oracle prefers 'Plan C'

(Newser) - Warren Buffett came out against the health care bill today, essentially echoing the Republican position that the administration should scrap the current bill and start over. Buffett, a longtime Obama supporter, told CNBC the current health care system is “like a tapeworm eating at our economic body,” with... More »

Obama Crafts Scaled-Down Health Care Plan B

Fallback measure would cover 15M uninsured

(Newser) - The White House has a less ambitious health care plan waiting in the wings if today's health care summit fails to win enough support for sweeping change. The scaled-back plan would provide health insurance to some 15 million Americans, about half the number the larger bill would cover, for a... More »

Obama Unveils $950B Health Care Bill

Merged proposal mostly follows Senate outline

(Newser) - Barack Obama today revealed the health care proposal he’ll be taking into bipartisan meetings this week, a $950 billion bill that hews closer to the Senate’s model than the House’s. The plan seeks to resolve some of the contentious issues between the two bills, cutting, for example,... More »

GOP to Push Gradual, Market-Based Health Reform

Party will offer clear alternatives at summit with Obama

(Newser) - Congressional Republicans will likely bring a well-developed alternative road map to health care reform to their summit with President Obama, based on an examination of past actions. The GOP favors a far more market-oriented and less comprehensive approach to reform, according to a New York Times analysis of bills the... More »

Health Reform Could Proceed on Two Tracks

Pelosi: Congress can work on small tweaks, refine broad plan

(Newser) - Reiterating that there’s no House support for passing the Senate’s version of health-care reform, Nancy Pelosi has a two-pronged strategy for moving forward: Congress should go for small, likely-to-pass tweaks to the system now, while continuing work on an overhaul that can get the necessary votes down the... More »

Obama Can't Ignore This Public Anger

If he gets aggressive on health care reform, it's at his own peril

(Newser) - Post-Massachusetts, the Democrats should be more worried about "health-reform fundamentalists" than the GOP, writes Michael Gerson. The legislation has been gathering "criticism and opposition like dirty slush on a snowball" and any Democrat with a smidgen of political smarts should now be backing away from it instead of... More »

In Retreat, Obama Weighs Scaled-Back Health Options

Modest coverage, cost reforms now on horizon

(Newser) - President Obama, chastened by the voter revolt that cost the Democrats their 60th vote in the Senate, is ready to seriously pare down health care reform in an effort to salvage at least some of it. "I would advise that we try to move quickly to coalesce around those... More »

Dems Rethinking Health Care After Mass. Loss

Webb urges Senate to avoid votes before Brown seated

(Newser) - Scott Brown's surprise win in Massachusetts has sent the Democrats scrambling to find a way to salvage health care legislation, as more and more legislators say they won't support hurry-up measures to push through the bill before he is sworn in. Sen. Jim Webb urged the Senate to delay any... More »

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