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10 Craziest Hopper Divorce Allegations

A rundown of the ugliness between Dennis Hopper, Victoria Duffy

(Newser) - The allegations in the Dennis Hopper-Victoria Duffy divorce reached new heights of outrageous when Hopper’s adult daughter and assistant accused Duffy of trying to kill him. As both sides prepare for a custody hearing today, ABC News runs down the 10 craziest accusations thus far:
  1. Verbal abuse: Duffy accused
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Dennis Hopper's Daughter Behind Divorce

Marin Hopper wants to cut stepmom Victoria Duffy, half-sis out of will

(Newser) - Dennis Hopper’s daughter is the force behind his divorce proceedings, shuttling her heavily medicated father to lawyers in an effort to cut wife Victoria Duffy out of the will. “The poor guy has no idea what is going on,” a source tells the Huffington Post . Hopper’s... More »

2 Stories