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Scott Brown to Kathy Griffin: Lay Off My Daughters

Senator furious over 'prostitutes' remark

(Newser) - Scott Brown is fuming at comedian Kathy Griffin over a crack she made on TV about his two daughters being "prostitutes." (See video here .) The Massachusetts senator (who embarrassed the girls during his victory speech by joking they were "available") fired off an angry statement... More »

Scott Brown's Daughter Gets CBS Early Show Gig

Ayla Brown to produce youth-oriented segments

(Newser) - Somebody must have told CBS she was available. Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown's 21-year-old daughter Ayla has been hired as a CBS Early Show contributor. Producers say the former American Idol semi-finalist, who hasn't yet graduated from Boston College, will be contributing segments aimed at the youth audience. "You can't... More »

Scott Brown: From Latchkey Kid to Male Model to Senator

His story is 'part Horatio Alger, part Zoolander'

(Newser) - One look at Scott Brown’s past, Frank Bruni writes, and you can see that “he’s indisputably self-made” with a “background that’s part Horatio Alger, part Zoolander.” Sure, the “famous truck” was purchased “not so he could haul lumber” but to haul his... More »

Scott Brown: Give Ayla Another Shot on Idol

Senator-elect appeals to Simon Cowell on daughter's behalf

(Newser) - Scott Brown thought Simon Cowell's 2006 critique of daughter Ayla's performance on American Idol was "kind of harsh," but he'd still like the Fox impresario to give his offspring another chance. "Ayla actually respects Simon greatly about his critiquing," the senator-elect from Massachusetts told Barbara Walters... More »

Scott Brown: I Can Beat Obama at Hoops

... with help from daughter who plays at Boston College

(Newser) - Barely a week after his stunning win in the Massachusetts Senate race, Republican Scott Brown boasted tonight that he can beat President Barack Obama ... at basketball. In an appearance on The Jay Leno Show, the Republican said he challenged noted hoops fanatic Obama to a two-on-two showdown when they talked... More »

Ayla Brown's Music Video Debuts, 'Cloying Vanilla Pop'

The video for 'Pick It Up' features, mostly, a distraught-looking Brown

(Newser) - Not surprisingly, Ayla Brown’s EP was released Tuesday, a mere week after dad Scott Brown won Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat—and months ahead of its original April release. The songs emulate “that cloying strand of '90s soft-pop that emulated '80s soft-pop,” writes Chris Richards for the... More »

Hoop Star Ayla Brown Loves Singing, Spotlight

Former Idol hopeful thinks dad's Senate win will reignite singing career

(Newser) - Ayla Brown has mostly concentrated on college and basketball since flaming out on American Idol in 2006, but she may be getting another shot at a singing career thanks to her senator-elect dad. “We’ve been getting some incredible opportunities,” Scott Brown's elder daughter tells the Boston Globe... More »

Brown Daughters Storm Web

'Available' Ayla and Arianna lose their privacy post-election

(Newser) - Scott Brown's victory is less than 2 days old, and a potentially embarrassing photo of the senator-elect and his daughters is already flying around cyberspace. Ayla—the older, taller, American Idol-competing, Boston College basketball star—wears a scallop-shell bikini top. Arianna—the blonde, un-"available" Syracuse student—wears what appears... More »

Ayla Brown: Scott's Kid, Idol Alum

The former American Idol contestant is 'available,' he points out

(Newser) - That daughter Senator-elect Scott Brown embarrassed the heck out of last night was more famous than her dad until recently. Ayla Brown is also a former American Idol contestant, as well as a Boston College basketball standout. Watch clips of her time on the show, ("Up until I was... More »

Scott Brown: My Daughters Are Available

Glenn Beck calls him 'creepy,' thinks he might kill an intern

(Newser) - Scott Brown embarrassed the crap out of his daughters last night, when he declared in his acceptance speech that, “for anyone watching around the country, they’re both available.” As the daughters’ jaws dropped, Brown assured the crowd that he was kidding. “Arianna’s definitely not available,... More »

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