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Creator of Flag Synonymous With Gay Pride Dies at 65

Artist Gilbert Baker created the Rainbow Flag at the behest of Harvey Milk in 1978

(Newser) - Artist and activist Gilbert Baker has died nearly 40 years after creating the Rainbow Flag that now symbolizes gay pride around the world, ABC 7 reports. Baker's death was first announced by fellow activist Cleve Jones. "Gilbert gave the world the Rainbow Flag; he gave me forty years... More »

Cops: Man Stabs People at Gay Pride Parade—Again

Six people are wounded in Jerusalem

(Newser) - An Ultra-Orthodox Jew stabbed six people at a gay pride parade today in Jerusalem, and the suspect turned out to be a familiar face—he'd just gotten out of prison for doing the same thing a decade ago, reports the Jerusalem Post . Police say Yishai Shlissel began randomly stabbing... More »

CNN's 'ISIS Flag' at Pride Parade Was Really, Er, Sex Toys

Network fails to recognize crude drawings on black flag

(Newser) - "Anyway, I seem to be the only person who spotted this, and nobody seems to be raising any questions or pointing it out," went the breathless report today from CNN's Lucy Pawle, who happened across what a CNN anchor called an "unnerving sight" at a London... More »

Taiwan Hosts Asia's Largest Gay Pride Parade

March comes as island considers same-sex marriage

(Newser) - Tens of thousands of people marched in the Taiwanese capital of Taipei today, as part of the city's annual gay pride parade. The largest parade of its kind in Asia, the event doubled as a demonstration in support of same-sex marriage legislation currently being debated by the island's... More »

Gay Pride Has a Momentous Weekend

First green card issued to gay couple as pride parades held, anthem turns hit

(Newser) - Following last week's Supreme Court decisions , it was a big weekend for gay pride. Two days after the court struck down DOMA, a gay Fort Lauderdale couple was able to get a green card, the Miami Herald reports—making them the first same-sex married couple to do so. Music... More »

Russia Passes Anti-Gay Bill, 436-0

Activists beaten, arrested as harsh bill sails through lower house

(Newser) - Today is not a great day to wake up gay in Russia: The country's lower house yesterday passed a bill that stigmatizes gay people and bans giving children any information about homosexuality. How it passed is nearly as notable as what it contains: By a vote of 436-0, with... More »

Troops Win OK to Wear Uniforms in Gay Pride Parade

And first gay wedding held on military base

(Newser) - The military has now repealed the hell out of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell." For the first time, American troops will be allowed to march in uniform at a gay pride parade, reports the BBC . The Pentagon—which marked gay pride month in June —says it... More »

Oreo Rainbow Cookie Sparks Facebook Backlash

Let's just say some people were not real happy with the post

(Newser) - Oreo posted a picture of its iconic cookie with rainbow-colored filling to its Facebook feed last night, in honor of Gay Pride Day. A horrified Matt Stopera rounds up some of the ensuing controversy that erupted in the comments, writing on BuzzFeed , "This is the world we live in.... More »

300 Mormons March in Utah Gay Pride Parade

'Love' extended to LGBT members who face excommunication from church

(Newser) - A group of Mormons made history yesterday when the largest number ever marched in Salt Lake City's Gay Pride Parade. The 300-strong group, dressed in their conservative Sunday best, are members of Mormons Building Bridges, and participated to "extend a message of love and support to our brothers... More »

Marines Recruit ... at Gay Pride Event

Organizers surprised to see them

(Newser) - As usual, Marine Corps recruiters asked passersby to attempt 20 pull-ups from a bar. But this time they were asking gays and lesbians at a gay pride event yesterday in Pasadena, Calif.—possibly the first Southern California pride event to host military recruiters, the Los Angeles Times reports. The... More »

Sao Paulo OKs Pride Day—for Heterosexuals

Mayor must still sign it before it becomes law

(Newser) - We're here, not queer, get used to it? Sao Paolo's city council has just passed legislation designating an official Heterosexual Pride Day to be held on the third Sunday of each December, the AP reports. Mayor Gilberto Kassab must sign the bill before it goes into effect, however,... More »

No Gay Pride Parade for Me, Thanks

Let's hope they won't be necessary in the future: Bre Degrant

(Newser) - Bre Degrant is a lesbian—but she refuses to go to a gay pride parade. Pride is a feeling derived from one’s achievements, she writes in Salon , and being born gay isn’t an achievement. “So why do my fellow gays gather each June to parade through the... More »

Chicago's Gay Pride Parade Vandalized

Tires punctured on 51 floats

(Newser) - As New Yorkers celebrated arguably the best Gay Pride weekend of their lives, Chicago’s Pride Parade got vandalized. Tires were punctured on 51 floats overnight, including the float for openly gay state Rep. Kelly Cassidy, but many of the floats were repaired in time to join the parade by... More »

Why I Have No 'Gay Pride'

But 'the absence of pride is not shame,' Jesse Bering concludes

(Newser) - It's LGBT Pride month, but research psychologist Jesse Bering is certainly not proud of the fact that he's gay. The way he sees it, "pride" can be defined in three main ways, and none matches the way he feels about his sexual orientation. Pride is sometimes defined... More »

Catholic School Bans Rainbows an anti-homophobia event

(Newser) - One Canadian Catholic school went a step further than banning the word gay : It banned rainbows at a recent anti-homophobia event. “We brought signs and posters with rainbows, and we were told that we can’t put them up,” the founder of St. Joseph Catholic Secondary School’s... More »

Gay Cop: Dept. Wouldn't Let Me March in Pride Parade

...and so he's suing

(Newser) - A gay police officer has enlisted Gloria Allred's legal help—so you know we're about to report on a buzzy lawsuit. The unnamed cop is filing a discrimination complaint against his department, which he says denied his written request that he be allowed to march in uniform during... More »

Planes Warn Disney Visitors: Gays Ahead

Florida family-values activists spend $7K on ads

(Newser) - A Florida activist group reportedly spent $7,000 to hire an airplane to pull banners that warned people about Disney World’s annual Gay Day celebration. The plane, which flew 10-hour shifts on Friday and Saturday, carried banners reading “WARNING GAY DAY AT DISNEY 6/4” and “WARNING GAY... More »

Carl Paladino Is Right About Gay Pride Parades

...but he's really wrong about gay marriage, writes William Saletan

(Newser) - Carl Paladino has caught a lot of flak for saying he wouldn't want his kids to see the Speedo-wearing, gyrating men that populate Gay Pride parades. And he's right, writes William Saletan for Slate . "Gay pride parades aren't the best thing to take little kids to, especially if you... More »

Anti-Gay Riots Mar Serbia's Pride Parade

Extreme nationalists: 'Death to homosexuals'

(Newser) - Serbia's first Gay Pride parade in nearly a decade was disrupted yesterday by anti-gay riots that left 100 people injured and saw another 100 arrested. The rioters threw petrol bombs and stones at the police during the march in Belgrade, and the office of the ruling Democratic Party was briefly... More »

Atlanta Tops Gayest-Cities List

College towns Burlington, Bloomington among Advocate 's top 5

(Newser) - Using criteria like the number of same-sex-couple households per capita, gay elected officials, gay bars and gay films among Netflix favorites, the Advocate crowns Atlanta as the gayest city in the US. Some reasons why, and the rest of the top five:
  • Though “Georgia isn’t the most gay-friendly
... More »

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