funnel-web spider

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Australians Asked to Catch World's Deadliest Spider

See a funnel-web? Grab it!

(Newser) - How would you react if you came across one of the world's deadliest spiders? If your instinct is to run, Australia might be a little disappointed in you. The Australian Reptile Park has issued a plea to residents asking them to catch the funnel-web and bring it in, reports... More »

Killer Spiders Invade Sydney

Warm weather blamed for influx of funnel-webs

(Newser) - A heavy infestation of funnel-web spiders is giving Sydney residents the jitters. Experts say the spider—one of the deadliest and most aggressive in existence—is arriving in unusually large numbers because of warm and wet weather. The spider's bite can be fatal within two hours, although no Australians have... More »

2 Stories