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Navy Sends Cyber Team to Singapore in Destroyer Probe

Sent to look for 'any anomalous activity'—i.e., a cyberattack

(Newser) - In what Foreign Policy says could be a "startling development in naval warfare," the US Navy is looking into whether last month's crash of the USS John S. McCain , which killed 10 sailors, may have been the handiwork of hackers. Per the Washington Free Beacon , the Navy... More »

She Said 'Yes' to Proposal. Then the Balloon Crashed

No one injured in Edmonton incident

(Newser) - Since she was a child, Christine Peters had dreamed of going on a hot air balloon ride. Her dream finally came true on Saturday, reports ABC News , but if a wedding proposal didn't make the adventure memorable enough, the subsequent crash likely did. Peters had just gotten engaged to... More »

Newlyweds Among Dead in Worst US Balloon Crash

Pilot was arrested for DUI in 2000

(Newser) - Authorities have confirmed that 15 passengers and the pilot died Saturday in what is believed to be the deadliest hot air balloon crash in American history. The victims of the crash near Lockhart in central Texas include newlyweds Matt and Sunday Rowan, who were married just six months ago, People... More »

Hot Air Balloon Likely Hit Power Lines, Went 'Pop, Pop, Pop'

16 believed dead in what is likely deadliest such incident in American history

(Newser) - The hot air balloon that caught fire and crashed Saturday in Texas likely hit a power line in what appears to be the worst such disaster in American history, reports CNN . Officials aren't yet confirming the number of dead, reports the AP , though an FAA rep says that at... More »

Chicago Victim Said to Be First US Bike-Sharing Death

Virginia Murray collided with flatbed truck

(Newser) - A 25-year-old woman taking advantage of Chicago's bike-sharing service died Friday morning after she and a flatbed truck turned at the same time and crashed— reportedly making her the first bike-share fatality in the US since the service first debuted in Oklahoma in 2007, a bike-sharing consultant tells the... More »

Motorcyclist Killed After Smashing Into Fridge

NJ cops trying to find who abandoned appliance on side of road

(Newser) - When winter turns to spring in New Jersey, there's always an uptick in the number of motorcycle crashes, with the two main reasons cited by state cops being "unsafe speed" and "driver inattention," notes. Further down the list is "road/environmental factor," which... More »

$21M US Drone Crashes in Iraq, Guy Gets a Selfie

Spy drone conducting surveillance went down due to 'technical complications'

(Newser) - Pictures started circulating online this week of what looked like a US Army drone sitting in the middle of the Iraqi desert, and yesterday the Pentagon confirmed that's indeed what it is, the Verge reports. A US Central Command spokesman told BuzzFeed that an MQ-1 surveillance drone crashed on... More »

Drone Crashes Into Crowd at 1st US Bull Run

More people injured by crash than by bulls

(Newser) - People got hurt at America's first "running of the bulls" in Virginia on Saturday—but not for the reason you might expect. An aerial drone, apparently being used to film the event, fell out of the sky and crashed into spectators, reports the Washington Post . According to the... More »

3 Killed in Summer Camp Bus Crash

Bus overturns on way back from teen church camp

(Newser) - Three people are dead after a bus carrying teens from a church camp crashed in Indianapolis this afternoon. Among those killed were a husband and wife, the Indianapolis Star reports. The bus was carrying 40 members of the Colonial Hill Baptist Church back from camp, reports the AP . Both kids... More »

Navy Drone Crashes in Maryland

Global Hawk crashes into swamp on Bloodworth Island

(Newser) - A US Navy drone crashed into a swampy area on Maryland's Eastern shore today after operators lost contact with it, CNN and MSNBC report. The TQ-4A Global Hawk from Naval Air Station Putaxent River was unmanned, and there are no reports of injuries or damaged property. Authorities have cordoned... More »

Motorcycle Deaths Hold Steady

Even as overall road fatalities decrease

(Newser) - The number of motorcycle fatalities in 2011 did not budge compared to 2010, even though overall vehicle deaths dipped to the lowest level since 1949, says a new highway safety report. One theory: High gas prices might be encouraging more people to drive motorcycles instead of cars, reports the Los ... More »

Amazon Server Screw-Up Takes Down Dozens of Sites

Reddit, Foursquare, and more affected

(Newser) - Dozens of sites across the Internet went dark yesterday, thanks to a major server crash that has now stretched beyond 24 hours and is still causing trouble for some. Amazon's own storefront is fine, but the company also rents out server space to lots of other major... More »

Train Derails, Hangs Over Cliff

All passengers survive terrifying accident

(Newser) - Nine passengers were hurt and many more nearly frightened to death when a Scottish train derailed and caught fire last night, the Guardian reports. Two cars of the train were left dangling over a embankment after the accident, from which passengers were evacuated. The injured were airlifted to a hospital... More »

Hungry and Tired? Perky Jerky Has Your Fix

Each ounce has the caffeine of one can of Red Bull

(Newser) - Next time you’re tired and hungry, don’t waste time pounding a Red Bull and a snack—get both fixes with some Perky Jerky. Available on the Internet and coming next week to Sports Authority outlets in New York, each ounce packs as much caffeine as one cup of... More »

14 Americans Killed in 2 Afghan Chopper Crashes

28 injured in collision, crash

(Newser) - A pair of helicopter crashes today in Afghanistan killed 14 US troops and civilian workers and injured at least 28 others. In the first crash, a helicopter went down in the west of the country after leaving the scene of a firefight with insurgents, killing 10 Americans—seven troops and... More »

Microsoft Recovers Nearly All Lost Sidekick Data

Meltdown not as bad as feared; minority of users affected

(Newser) - It turns out Sidekick users will get “most if not all” of their data back, Microsoft announced today. The company now believes that only a minority of users were affected by the blackout. Until now, the company had painted a much bleaker picture, saying Saturday that though it would... More »

Sidekick Users Revolt Over Mass Data Loss

Forums crowded with angry users; some threaten lawsuit

(Newser) - Sidekick users are on the warpath after learning Microsoft and its subsidiary, the ironically named Danger Inc., have lost all their data, permanently, in a server crash. T-Mobile offered to credit users a free month of data service, but that didn’t mollify the people on T-Mobile’s support forums,... More »

Above the Hudson, a Chaotic Airspace

(Newser) - Above the Hudson River west of Manhattan, where a helicopter and a light plane fatally collided on Saturday, a pilot can have as many as a dozen other aircraft to monitor at busy moments. Flight instructors describe the river corridor as dangerous and tunnel-like, and government is once again facing... More »

44 Hurt in San Francisco Train Crash

(Newser) - A collision of two streetcars today at a municipal station in San Francisco left 44 people injured, three seriously, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. The driver who rear-ended another train was hurt the worst; the crash shattered the front window of the train and crumpled its nose. "This is... More »

Disney World Monorail Crash Kills Driver

(Newser) - Two Disney World monorail trains collided early this morning in Orlando, Fla., leaving one train operator dead, the Orlando Sentinel reports. Twenty-one-year-old Austin Wuennenberg died at the scene of the crash and another employee was taken to hospital with minor injuries. "I heard it happened at 2 a.m.... More »

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