Lou Gehrig's disease

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49ers Mourn Receiver Who Made 'The Catch'

Dwight Clark, who was behind one of NFL's greatest plays, dies at age 61 after ALS battle

(Newser) - An ex-NFL player known for a play that pushed the San Francisco 49ers into a championship run in the '80s died Monday at the age of 61 after a battle with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS, per ESPN . "I'm heartbroken to tell you that today I lost... More »

Playwright, Actor Sam Shepard Dead

He was 73, suffered from ALS

(Newser) - Acclaimed actor and playwright Sam Shepard is dead at age 73, reports BroadwayWorld . Shepard, who died at home in Kentucky, had been suffering from Lou Gehrig's disease. He leaves behind an impressive legacy in the arts as the author of more than 40 plays, including Buried Child, for which... More »

Powder Meant to Save Miners May Be Killing Them Instead

For decades miners were forced to inhale aluminum dust

(Newser) - Between the 1940s and 1980s, miners in Ontario went through a strange ritual at the start of every workday: They'd take off their street clothes, enter a room where their work clothes hung, and as soon as the doors closed, watch the room fill with black powder that they... More »

Fruits, Veggies May Help Slow ALS

Antioxidant nutrients and carotenoids are key

(Newser) - "It appears that nutrition plays a role both in triggering the disease and why it progresses." So says the lead researcher of a study out of Columbia University that per a press release is "among the first" to look at the interplay between diet and ALS near... More »

Ice Bucket Challenge Funds 'ALS Breakthrough'

Gene tied to the disease has been identified

(Newser) - The $115 million raised from 2014's Ice Bucket Challenge for the ALS Association's research and services helped fund what's now being called an "ALS breakthrough," per the Guardian : the ID of a gene linked to the disease, also known as Lou Gehrig's disease, which... More »

She Raised $800K for Those Battling ALS. Now She's One of Them

'I hope that my story will inspire others'

(Newser) - Over seven years, Virginia's Beth Prever raised $800,000 for ALS research because she "felt like having ALS would be a worst-case scenario diagnosis. It's like living in a glass coffin—your mind is intact, but your body is failing," she tells People . She now understands... More »

How Has Stephen Hawking Lived With ALS for 52 Years?

Experts call the 73-year-old physicist's long-term survival 'extraordinary'

(Newser) - An ALS patient's life expectancy averages just two to five years after diagnosis, and only about 5% make it past 20 years, the ALS Association notes. But Stephen Hawking, the 73-year-old theoretical physicist and subject of an Academy Award-winning biopic , has beaten the odds and lived with his motor... More »

Ice Bucket Challenge Co-Founder Dead at 27

Corey Griffin jumped from building into Nantucket Harbor

(Newser) - One of the masterminds behind this summer's Ice Bucket Challenge died early Saturday in Nantucket. Police say Corey Griffin, 27, dove off the Juice Guys building into the harbor around 2am, floated to the surface briefly, then sank, the Boston Globe reports. An off-duty lifeguard tried to rescue Griffin... More »

Ice Bucket Challenge Gets Presidential

George W. Bush passes torch to Bill Clinton

(Newser) - The Ice Bucket Challenge is now claiming former heads of state as victims. But former President George W. Bush didn't really want to have a bucket of ice water dumped on his head. "I do not think it's presidential," he says in a video posted today... More »

'Ice Bucket Challenge' Helps Raise $13M for ALS

But some question its fundraising methods

(Newser) - In the few weeks since July 29, the ALS Association has gotten more than $13 million in donations. Over the same period last year, that figure was around $1.7 million, the New York Times reports. The big difference, of course, is the " Ice Bucket Challenge ," which calls... More »

Ice Bucket Challenge Gets High-Profile Victim: Christie

NJ gov gets soaked, ALS raises awareness

(Newser) - Chris Christie is the latest to take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge : The NJ governor posted a video on Facebook yesterday of his two youngest kids, Bridget and Patrick, gleefully soaking him to raise awareness for Lou Gehrig's disease. If you've been on social media at all over... More »

Company Pulls Drug for Lou Gehrig's Disease

Biogen ends development after it fails drug trial

(Newser) - An experimental drug that showed promise of becoming the first effective treatment for Lou Gehrig’s Disease is being pulled by its manufacturer because it performed miserably in a major drug trial. Biogen says its drug, dexpramipexole, did nothing to improve the condition of patients or extend their lives, reports... More »

Lawmakers Push to Open Medical Records of Lou Gehrig

Mayo Clinic resists on privacy grounds

(Newser) - Should Lou Gehrig's medical records be unsealed? Some lawmakers in Minnesota think so, and they hope to force the Mayo Clinic to do just that, reports the Minneapolis Star Tribune . The state legislator leading the charge says it could resolve an intriguing theory raised in a 2010 study—that... More »

NFL Players' Alzheimer's Risk Skyrockets

Or at least it looks that way; it might be CTE

(Newser) - This is going to shock you, but it turns out that repeatedly bashing your head playing football makes you more likely to develop mental problems—a lot more. Ex-NFL players are four times as likely to die of Alzheimer's or ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease) as other men their... More »

A Sick Doctor Shines Light on Assisted Suicide

Richard Wesley: typical of those who consider an early death

(Newser) - The slow degeneration of a Seattle doctor is sad to see, but his plight shines a spotlight on surprising facts about assisted suicide, the New York Times reports. Richard Wesley, stricken with Lou Gehrig's disease, has only a short time to live—but thanks to Washington state's Death... More »

Intel Trying to Help Stephen Hawking Speak

70-year-old cosmologist losing ability as facial nerves deteriorate

(Newser) - Computer chip-maker Intel is hunting for a new technology to help Stephen Hawking communicate better, reports AP . The 70-year-old scientist currently uses a device that runs pulses in his right cheek through a voice synthesizer, but his facial nerves have deteriorated to the point where he can speak only about... More »

Ill Stephen Hawking Misses 70th Birthday

Scientist was released from hospital on Friday

(Newser) - The University of Cambridge says renowned physicist Stephen Hawking isn't well enough to attend a conference held to celebrate his 70th birthday . Hawking's remarkable career is being honored today as part of a daylong conference on cosmology being hosted at the university. But the celebrity scientist, who suffers... More »

Stephen Hawking Turning 70

He has survived half-a-century with Lou Gehrig's disease

(Newser) - British scientist Stephen Hawking has decoded some of the most puzzling mysteries of the universe, but he has left one mystery unsolved: How he has managed to survive so long with such a crippling disease. The physicist was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's disease when he was a 21-year-old at... More »

Stephen Hawking Talks Health Care, ALS, and Life

Physicist offers advice for living with disability

(Newser) - When you can only speak by twitching your cheek toward words flitting past your screen, you don’t tend to do a lot of interviews. But Stephen Hawking sat down with the New York Times last month to talk about his life, aliens, and health care. Some highlights:
  • On aliens:
... More »

Lou Gehrig May Not Have Had Lou Gehrig's Disease

Study: ALS is sometimes misdiagnosed

(Newser) - A new study has found that some patients diagnosed with ALS actually suffered from a different fatal disease that affects the central nervous system—and implies that Lou Gehrig himself may not have had ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig's disease. The study's review of the spinal cords of three... More »

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