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Thousands Evacuate Music Festival Over 'Terrorist Threat'

Germany's Rock am Ring was shut down by police Friday

(Newser) - A "possible terrorist threat" shut down Rock am Ring, one of Germany's biggest music festivals, Friday near Nuerburg, AFP reports. Police say they have "concrete elements, in the light of which a possible terrorist threat cannot be ruled out." But no other details were released. According... More »

Report: Intel Officials Warn of Potential Terror Attack Monday

CBS says no targets named, but lists New York, Texas, Virginia as possibilities

(Newser) - Intelligence officials are worried about a possible al-Qaeda attack Monday in the US, reports CBS News . The story, based on anonymous sources, says intel officials have warned terrorism task forces to be on particular alert the day before the election. The story notes that such warnings often surface before big... More »

LA Schools Will Reopen Wednesday

Hoax threats linked to online message board

(Newser) - Some 640,000 kids in the nation's second-largest school district won't be getting a second terror-related day off from school. Officials in the Los Angeles Unified School District say all 900 schools have been inspected following an emailed threat that has now been discredited by the FBI and... More »

Congressman: LA School Terror Threat Was a Hoax

The threat sent nearly 700K students home for the day

(Newser) - The emailed threat that closed hundreds of schools in the Los Angeles Unified School District on Tuesday is now being called a hoax, the Los Angeles Times reports. "The preliminary assessment is that it was a hoax or something designed to disrupt school districts in large cities," Rep.... More »

Obama Plans 1st Oval Office Address Since 2010 Sunday

President will talk about San Bernardino shootings, terror threat

(Newser) - President Obama will address the nation Sunday night from the Oval Office, using perhaps the best bully pulpit at his disposal to speak about the San Bernardino shootings, as well as the terror threat faced by the United States and steps Uncle Sam is taking to safeguard against it, reports... More »

Masked LA Bus Rider's Threat: 'I Have Ebola!'

Driver quarantined amid terror investigation

(Newser) - In what authorities are investigating as a possible terrorist threat, a masked man on a Los Angeles bus announced yesterday afternoon: "Don't mess with me, I have Ebola!" The passenger's warning—which officials think was a hoax—prompted the driver to be quarantined as officials try... More »

Girl, 14, Arrested After Terrorism Joke on Twitter

Pro tip: Not a good idea to send a fake threat to an airline

(Newser) - A 14-year-old Dutch girl found out the hard way that it's not a good idea to tweet a "joke" about terrorism ... when she got arrested after doing so. The teen, who went by " QueenDemetriax_ " on Twitter and is apparently named Sarah, tweeted to American Airlines yesterday:... More »

Feds Warn Airlines of Bomb Threat in Toothpaste Tubes

Warning specific to flight to Russia for Olympics

(Newser) - Homeland Security officials say airlines flying to Russia ahead of the Olympics ought to pay special attention to passengers' toothpaste tubes because they could contain explosives to make a bomb, reports ABC News . Authorities say they passed along the threat "out of an abundance of caution" and know of... More »

5 Olympic Teams Receive Threat Letters

But Olympic bosses say they're fake

(Newser) - More terror concerns are plaguing the Sochi Olympics following threatening letters sent to at least five teams—but authorities say they're a hoax. The letters, written in Russian, went to Olympic committees in Italy, Hungary, Germany, Slovenia, and Slovakia, Reuters reports. The letter to Hungary said "persons attending... More »

St. Louis Man Busted Over World Series Tweets

His last job was as a social media manager

(Newser) - A few years back, Bobby Metzinger's "social media expertise" landed him a job in the field; now, it's landed him in court. Metzinger, a 30-year-old former social media manager for a marketing company, is reportedly a St. Louis Cardinals fan. As the World Series kicked off, Metzinger... More »

Sharp-Eared FBI Agent Nabs Suspect in Water Threat

Man said KC supply was going to be poisoned

(Newser) - Authorities in Kansas City, Mo., have arrested a 69-year-old man accused of phoning in threats to the municipal water supply, reports Reuters . But how they caught him is kind of remarkable: An FBI agent recognized his voice from three years ago—when he threatened to bomb the federal courthouse in... More »

Watch Out for Terrorist 'Dry Runs': Pilots' Memo

Union says they're testing to see how crews react

(Newser) - An internal memo from the US Airline Pilots Association suggests would-be terrorists are conducting "dry runs" during airplane flights to see how crews react to threatening situations, reports Tampa's WTSP . The memo cites "several" such incidents, the most recent on a Sept. 2 flight from Washington to... More »

Al-Qaeda's Leader Urges Attacks, Boycotts on US

Ayman al-Zawahiri marks 9/11 with new threat

(Newser) - Al-Qaeda’s leader has called for Muslims to launch small-scale attacks and even boycotts to damage the US economy. In an audio speech released a day after the 12th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, Ayman al-Zawahiri urged sustained attacks that will hurt the US by forcing “massive expenditures” on... More »

TSA Agent in LAX Threat Previously in Public Spat

LAX terminals evacuated, 9/11 related note found in man's home

(Newser) - Federal authorities arrested an ex-TSA employee just before midnight last night, on suspicion that he'd made terrorist threats against Los Angeles International Airport. Nna Alpha Onuoha, 29, resigned his post as a screener yesterday, the LA Times reports, leaving behind a "suspicious package." That package turned out... More »

US to Reopen Most Diplomatic Posts

Facilities in Yemen and Pakistan will remain closed

(Newser) - The State Department plans to reopen all but one of the diplomatic posts it shuttered this week over a possible al-Qaeda attack , reports CNN . Only the embassy in Sanaa Yemen will stay closed over continued concerns of a terror strike. The Obama administration will reopen 18 other facilities throughout North... More »

Yemen Busts Huge al-Qaeda Plot

BBC says US special ops are preparing for missions

(Newser) - Al-Qaeda wasn't just planning a one-off suicide bombing of the usual variety—it was close to pulling the trigger on a highly coordinated operation in Yemen that involved blowing up pipelines and taking control of key port cities, reports the BBC . The news service also says US special operations... More »

US Warns Americans: Get Out of Yemen

US drone strike takes out 4 members of al-Qaeda

(Newser) - American concern about the threat of an al-Qaeda attack is only intensifying. The State Department today ordered all non-essential government employees to leave Yemen, and it urged all American citizens there to do the same, reports Reuters . The development comes after news reports revealed that one of the key pieces... More »

US Embassies Will Stay Closed All Week

But only as a caution, not because of a new threat, says State Department

(Newser) - Today's closure of US embassies and consulates has been extended through Saturday for diplomatic posts in 19 cities, the State Department has announced. But, it says in a statement , the extension is not due to a new threat, but "merely an indication of our commitment to exercise... More »

Interpol Issues Security Alert

It's worried about all the recent prison breaks; follows US alerts

(Newser) - Add this to a weekend already filled with security alerts: Interpol is urging countries around the world to show "increased vigilance" because of a recent rash of prison escapes that have freed hundreds of militants in Pakistan , Libya , Iraq , Indonesia , and elsewhere. The global security alert asks for help... More »

Travel Warnings Stem From Unusually Specific Threat

Affiliate of al-Qaeda reportedly in 'final stages' of planning attack on US interests

(Newser) - The State Department's unusually strong warnings this week about a possible terror threat—it announced that 21 US embassies would be closed tomorrow and followed that up with a global travel alert for Americans—came after authorities intercepted communications among what the New York Times calls "senior operatives"... More »

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