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Airline Contest: Hole Up in Iceland, Travel, Get Paid

You'll have to win Wow Air's contest, though, and do quite a bit of content creation

(Newser) - If you have a BFF and no big summer plans, an Icelandic airline is making a tempting offer. Per Business Insider , Wow Air will set up one lucky duo in a fully furnished apartment in downtown Reykjavik, which will serve as home base from June 1 to Aug. 15, with... More »

Another Blogger Is Hacked to Death in Bangladesh

Niloy Chowdhury's murder was the fourth such killing since February

(Newser) - Assailants believed to be Islamist militants entered an apartment building posing as potential tenants and killed a secular blogger in Bangladesh's capital today, in the fourth such deadly attack this year, police said. Police official Mustafizur Rahman said 40-year-old Niloy Chowdhury was hacked to death in his apartment. The... More »

Obama Wrote a Blog Post— and It Sucks

The president is suffering from a case of blogger envy, writes Jonathan Chait

(Newser) - Last month, President Obama urged Congress to ignore bloggers (along with radio pundits, lobbyists, and professional activists) because they create "manufactured crises" (you can relive that stirring speech at Mediaite ). It wasn't clear at the time what, exactly, Obama had against bloggers, writes Jonathan Chait in New ... More »

Obama's Diagnosis: Romney Has 'Romnesia'

But bloggers slam president for the dig

(Newser) - Maybe President Obama is still feeling funny from last night : Stumping today in Fairfax, Virginia, he criticized Mitt Romney for "side-stepping" on women's issues like abortion and contraception—and of suffering from acute "Romnesia," CBS News reports. "Now that we are 18 days out ... Mr.... More »

No More Pro-Anorexia Blogs on Tumblr

Blogging site to enforce new content policy

(Newser) - Tumblr is taking a stand against blogs that promote self-harm. When a new content policy goes into effect, likely next week, pro-anorexia blogs or others that urge readers to self-injure will no longer be allowed on the blogging site, according to a staff post today. The Awl and New York'... More »

Obama Staffer Slams Krugman, Liberal Bloggers

NM campaign director blasts 'Firebaggers'

(Newser) - President Obama's campaign director in New Mexico has gone on the offensive—against liberals. Ray Sandoval sent supporters an email containing a blog post describing the debt ceiling deal as an "out-and-out win for the president," and blasting Nobel Prize-winning New York Times columnist Paul Krugman and... More »

Lefty Bloggers: Obama 'Just Not That Into Us'

Netroots Nation convention bemoans dashed progressive hopes

(Newser) - One emotion running high at this year’s annual meeting of liberal bloggers: disappointment in the president. One popular panel at the Netroots Nation Convention was even titled, “What to Do When the President’s Just Not That Into You," and featured an editor at Daily Kos noting,... More »

HuffPo Lawsuit Is ... Bunk

Says Jeff Bercovici . And Jack Shafer. And Glynnis MacNicol.

(Newser) - Jeff Bercovici calculated that if the $105 million class action suit against the Huffington Post ends in a burst of glory for the site's 9,000 unpaid bloggers, they'll each get a check for $11,666. But, writing for Forbes , he has a warning: "Don’t go spending your... More »

Unpaid Bloggers File Suit Against Huffington Post

Freelancer Jonathan Tasini brings suit, claims 'implied' compensation

(Newser) - Freelance writer Jonathan Tasini has filed a class-action lawsuit against the Huffington Post/AOL, seeking $105 million in damages for the hundreds of unpaid bloggers toiling for the site. Tasini tells the Washington Post that there was an “implied promise” of compensation for those writers. “Some people were given... More »

Biden Aide to Journo: Sorry We Put You in the Closet

Blogosphere erupts over reporter's hour-long wait

(Newser) - A rep for Joe Biden has apologized to a reporter for his lengthy stay in a storage closet on Wednesday, where he waited to cover a fundraiser, reports Fox News . “This was the unfortunate mistake of an inexperienced staffer and the vice president's office has made sure it will... More »

Sorry, HuffPo Bloggers, You're Not Worth Anything

Stats guru Nate Silver does the math on HuffPo's bloggers

(Newser) - Huffington Post bloggers should stop whining about their lack of pay , even after the online site was bought by AOL for $315 million—they're just not worth it, writes stats king Nate Silver at the New York Times . Silver crunched the numbers and estimates that the median blog post is... More »

Beck to Fans: Don't Defend Me Online

Tells followers to cut vitriolic comments, pray for haters

(Newser) - Glenn Beck is shocked—shocked—at the vitriol he found in comments posted about him, and wants his more ardent supporters to turn the other cheek. The Fox host, digressing from a discussion on the Bronx gay torture case , said he'd been horrified to read blogs that viciously attacked him... More »

AOL in Talks to Buy TechCrunch

Internet giant rumored to be on verge of buying tech blog

(Newser) - AOL is on the verge of announcing a deal to buy high-profile technology blog TechCrunch, insiders say. AOL—which snapped up TechCrunch rival Engadget in 2005—tried and failed to buy the blog a few years ago, a source tells the Wall Street Journal . An announcement is expected to be... More »

Left to White House: Stop 'Hippie Punching'

Adviser seeking support of liberal bloggers gets an earful

(Newser) - The White House hasn't been shy about criticizing the left so maybe top Obama adviser David Axelrod should have expected an earful when he organized a conference call to ask liberal bloggers for help ahead of the midterm elections. "You want us to help you, the first thing I... More »

Whiny Law Prof Quits Blogging After Lament for Rich People

'Super rich' Todd Henderson complained about taxes

(Newser) - Todd Henderson has quit blogging—just a bit too late to avoid a stint as an internet punching bag. "I was a fool," he writes for Truth on the Market . "I wish I had just stuck to blogging about corporate law and such, but I couldn’t... More »

The Truth About Philly's 'Blog Tax'

...Is that it doesn't exist. Here's why you should still be annoyed

(Newser) - Lately, the blogosphere has been chattering about a supposed “blogging tax” in Philadelphia. The story goes that Philly is strapped for cash, so it’s forcing bloggers who sell ads to buy a $300 “business privilege license.” But that’s not actually true, writes Philly-based Wired blogger... More »

Partisan Bloggers Often Get Paid for Posts

It's becoming common for parties to pay for coverage

(Newser) - The Daily Caller smells a rat in the political blogosphere: The site says many supposedly independent bloggers are taking money on the side from political campaigns to push a particular candidate or agenda. It's a "form of partisan payola that erases the line between journalism and paid endorsement,"... More »

Our Biggest Conservative: Perez Hilton

Gossip blogger may not look the part, but he's America's 'morals cop'

(Newser) - Somehow, Perez Hilton—a flamboyantly gay gossipmonger whose “favorite hobby is drawing dribbles of semen on pictures of celebrities”—has become “our leading morals cop.” He’s quick to deem Miley Cyrus “trampy” and Sienna Miller “slutty,” and this week—after posting a... More »

Founder Kills Journalist Email Group That Burned Blogger

Ezra Klein deleting Journolist after someone leaked comments

(Newser) - Writing in the Washington Post , Journolist founder Ezra Klein reports his intention to shut down the e-mail list for good in the wake of the David Weigel scandal . Intended as a private email discussion forum for like-minded journalists, the list serv restricted membership to journalists of "nonpartisan to liberal,... More »

NYT Reporter Ridicules Pajamas-Clad Bloggers

He defends article on Afghan mineral deposits

(Newser) - New York Times reporter James Risen is not a big fan of bloggers. Yahoo News blogger John Cook, formerly of Gawker, learned this when he called Risen to ask about criticism of his recent story on Afghan mineral deposits. (Original story here ; sample of criticism here .) "Do you... More »

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