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'Repugnant' White House Headed for One Term

Obama can't fight the class he wants to join, says Dowd

(Newser) - President Obama is turning into such a passive, spineless self-parody that he risks getting the boot in 2012, writes Maureen Dowd in the New York Times . "It's repugnant," she condemns. Blocked by Republicans at every turn and facing a terrible economy, Obama is turning once again to... More »

Obama Saying Right Things, but Sounds Weary of Job

President looks 'frustrated', 'disengaged' in his job

(Newser) - President Obama is “saying all the right words” after the midterm elections, focusing on cooperation and consensus. But step back and “listen to the music,” writes Ben Goddard in the Hill . “Watching the body language of the president and hearing the weariness in his voice, one... More »

Obama: 1 Really Good Term Beats 2 Mediocre Ones

Solving problems, not getting re-elected, is my job: president

(Newser) - Asked in an interview today whether, given the rough waters he’s currently battling, one term might be enough, President Obama chuckled, then told ABC ’s Diane Sawyer: “I’d rather be a really good one-term president than a mediocre two-term president.” He added, “You know,... More »

3 Stories