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Our Real Problem: One-Fifth of Men Are Sitting Idle

David Brooks thinks we need to spend on jobs, not health care

(Newser) - America has a big problem: Its men aren’t working. “There are probably more idle men now than at any time since the Great Depression,” writes David Brooks of the New York Times , and the problem is structural. While there are a decent number of jobs for college... More »

Dems to Offer GOP Another $20B in Spending Cuts

...bringing total to $30B, which may not satisfy Republicans

(Newser) - With the threat of a government shutdown less than two weeks away, all eyes are on the budget. The White House and congressional Democrats are working on a proposal to cut another $20 billion in spending, insiders tell the Wall Street Journal . It’s the biggest cut the administration and... More »

Senate Dems to Propose Their Own Cuts

Bill designed as a compromise, or at least, to look like one

(Newser) - Senate Democrats have informed the White House that they’re working on a seven-month spending bill with some significant cuts in discretionary spending, in the hopes of avoiding a government shutdown, one aide tells Politico . Though they haven't shared a number, an aide says they plan to target 211 programs... More »

Obama to Call for 5-Year Spending Freeze

Measure would only hit non-defense discretionary items

(Newser) - Barack Obama will call for a five-year freeze on non-defense discretionary spending in his State of the Union address tonight, calling it “a down payment toward reducing the deficit,” a White House official tells the Wall Street Journal . The official said Obama would also look for “cuts... More »

Righties to Unveil $2.5T in Spending Cuts

Proposal would cut or drastically shrink more than 50 programs

(Newser) - House Republicans are about to unveil a massive spending reduction bill that would slash $2.5 trillion in spending over the next 10 years. Rep. Jim Jordan, chair of the Republican Study Committee, will unveil his “Spending Reduction Act” at a Heritage Foundation speech today, the Daily Caller reports.... More »

NY Politicians Enraged That Obama Opposes 9/11 Health Bill

$11B, over 30 years, at odds with budget freeze

(Newser) - Funding for a bill that would set aside $11 billion over the next 30 years to address health issues resulting from the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks in New York looks to be a casualty of President Obama’s proposed budget freeze—to the outrage of the state’s congressional... More »

Eying Deficit, Obama Plans $447B Freeze

17% of US budget affected, not including defense, entitlements

(Newser) - The latest detail to trickle out about initiatives President Obama plans to serve up in Wednesday’s State of the Union address is one aimed at cutting the $1.4 trillion federal budget deficit. Obama will announce a 3-year freeze on $447 billion in spending, a measure that could save... More »

7 Stories