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GOP Battles Itself Over Taxes

Toomey and Hensarling under fire for tax plan

(Newser) - The proposal that super committee Republicans put forth to raise about $300 billion in new tax revenues may not have been enough to win over Democrats , but it’s been more than enough to stir up dissension in the GOP ranks, with anti-tax hardliners suddenly at odds with long-time compatriots... More »

Elizabeth Warren Hearing Turns Nasty

Congressman accuses consumer protection chief of lying

(Newser) - The mutual animosity between House Republicans and White House adviser Elizabeth Warren was on full display today during a testy congressional hearing on the new consumer protection bureau she is working to get running. Rep. Patrick McHenry accused Warren of overstepping authority and misleading Congress about it (she said he... More »

Republicans Fear Census Undercounting

Tea partiers' push for noncompliance may backfire, GOP warns

(Newser) - The GOP is worried that an anti-government backlash could lead to underrepresentation of conservatives in the census and shrink the number of Republican lawmakers. Michele Bachmann and Ron Paul have urged supporters not to provide anything to census workers except the number of people in their household. "The census... More »

GOP Lawmaker: Put Reagan on $50 Bill

A Democrat counters that he's too controversial

(Newser) - A North Carolina congressman is trying to ensure Ronald Reagan a “place of honor on our nation’s currency” by replacing Ulysses S. Grant’s mug on the $50 dollar bill with the Gipper’s. Republican Patrick T. McHenry has introduced legislation ahead of next year's centennial of Reagan's... More »

Both Parties Rip GOP's Confusing 'Census' Survey

It's a fundraising mailer, but envelopes say 'official document'

(Newser) - A mailer from the Republican National Committee is drawing fire from both parties over its resemblance to official US Census documents. The “Congressional District Census” is in fact a fund-raising attempt, but comes in an envelope marked “DO NOT DESTROY OFFICIAL DOCUMENT,” Politico reports, noting that the... More »

5 Stories