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In Wacky Election, Wackier Names Rule

Surely you remember Krystal Ball?

(Newser) - In an election cycle in which Karl Rove doomed Lisa Murkowski to failure because Alaskans would actually have to write in her name, one would think that candidates with strange names would suffer. Not so, reports the Wall Street Journal. Some of the highlights:
  • Krystal Ball: You might have heard
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Crocs Know Their Names, Open Up on Call

Brit aquarium has reptiles answering to Paleo, Suchus

(Newser) - Two crocodiles at a British aquarium have been taught to recognize their own names, a feat that works with mammals in captivity but rarely with reptiles. “They are very intelligent and started responding to their names in just a few days,” the zoo’s manager tells the Telegraph... More »

2 Stories