Arizona Senate race

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New Entrant Joins Volatile Arizona Senate Race

Rep. Martha McSally, a Trump backer, tells GOP to 'grow a pair of ovaries'

(Newser) - Republican congresswoman Martha McSally called on the national GOP to "grow a pair of ovaries" as she launched her Senate bid Friday, joining the race to replace retiring GOP Sen. Jeff Flake by embracing President Trump and his outsider playbook in one of the nation's premier contests. Like... More »

Arizona Senate President Loses Recall Vote

Election centered on the immigration law he championed

(Newser) - An underfunded upstart challenger appears to have knocked out Arizona Senate President Russell Pearce, in a historic recall election seen mainly as a referendum on the harsh immigration law Pearce championed. While the results aren’t yet official, with all districts reporting, challenger Jerry Lewis was up 52.4% to... More »

Backers Already Imagining Giffords' Campaign Ads

Gabby Giffords for Senate? Maybe, supporters hope

(Newser) - Gabrielle Giffords’ backers acknowledge that they don’t want to get too far ahead of themselves … but that isn’t stopping them from daydreaming about the dramatic campaign commercials that would run, should Giffords recover and decide to make a play for Jon Kyl’s soon-to-be-vacated Senate seat . Several... More »

Fiery Sheriff Joe Arpaio Eyes Arizona Senate Run

'I think I could do that job,' says Arpaio

(Newser) - There could be a new sheriff on Capitol Hill: Joe Arpaio, the fiery Arizona lawman given to calling the feds "liars" with "Mickey Mouse policies," might just be looking to go to Washington, reports the Hill. With Jon Kyl retiring, the immigration hardliner says he's open to... More »

Giffords Had Eye on Jon Kyl's Seat

And with his retirement, Senate bid could be a reality, say insiders

(Newser) - Gabrielle Giffords had her eye on a Senate seat before she was wounded in last month’s shooting, the Washington Post reports. She had told confidantes that she’d enter the race if Sen. Jon Kyl retired—a prospect she didn’t think likely, an insider said. Now that Kyl... More »

'My Father Hasn't Changed'

... 'The media bias has'

(Newser) - It may have seemed like John McCain kept shifting further to the right during his campaign against JD Hayworth, but daughter Meghan insists this is not the case. "My father hasn't changed," she writes in the Daily Beast . "The media bias has." And despite all the... More »

McCain, Brewer Win in Arizona

GOP incumbents cruise to victory

(Newser) - John McCain has cruised to victory in Arizona, easily defeating conservative challenger JD Hayworth. The Republican now looks to set to win a fifth term in the US Senate, the AP reports. McCain looked vulnerable to anti-incumbent sentiment early in the campaign but fought back by shifting to the rights... More »

McCain, Old Pros Set to Win Big Tomorrow

Anti-establishment wave hits the rocks in Arizona, Florida

(Newser) - If the polls are to be believed, tomorrow will deal a big blow to the “anti-establishment” storyline swirling around the 2010 election. John McCain, who looked like he’d be on the ropes early on, now has a huge lead over tea party favorite JD Hayworth, the Washington Post... More »

As Earth Bakes, Blame Cowards Like McCain

Oil and coal money, gutless lawmakers killed climate bill

(Newser) - Climate change legislation looks dead, and Paul Krugman knows what killed it. “It wasn’t the science, the scientists, or the economics,” he writes in the New York Times . It was “the usual suspects: greed and cowardice.” A carbon limitation would put at most a tiny... More »

John McCain's Sad Campaign

From presidential candidate to endangered senator

(Newser) - Two years ago, John McCain was running for president. Now, he’s trudging around Arizona just trying to keep his job, the New York Times laments. Reporter Jennifer Steinhauer has obviously followed McCain around the trail, but he won't talk to her. So she’s left to observe his strange... More »

JD Hayworth Starred in 'Free Gov't Money' Infomercial

McCain camp says ad was for 'obvious rip-off scam'

(Newser) - You have to love fiscal conservatives like JD Hayworth—you know, the kind who go on TV at 2am to tell you about the billions of dollars the federal government is just dying to give away. In 2007, soon after losing his House seat, Hayworth starred in an infomercial for... More »

Primary Foe Makes McCain Look Like the Smart Choice

Even tea partiers shouldn't vote for toxic JD Hayworth

(Newser) - Tea Party activists don't like John McCain, but they'd better vote for him, because tea partier primary opponent JD Hayworth is “toxic,” writes Michael Gerson in the Washington Post . Hayworth's main claim to fame is his crusade against Mexican immigration—and not just the illegal kind. He pledged... More »

Surprise Edge for McCain Over Rival

Hayworth polls well with far right; not GOP, independents, Dems

(Newser) - John McCain faces a challenge from the right in the Arizona primary, but a new Daily Kos/Research 2000 poll finds him in a remarkably strong position. Rival JD Hayworth excites far-right conservatives, but his favorability/unfavorability spread with Republicans overall is slightly weaker, at 61% to 16%, than McCain's 76% to... More »

McCain Launches Preemptive Strike on Hayworth

Campaign gets aggressive early against conservative challenger

(Newser) - John McCain is pulling no punches in an offensive against primary challenger JD Hayworth, whom he hopes to shut down before Hayworth's campaign even begins. McCain has rallied his troops to file complaints with the FEC about Hayworth’s radio program, which they allege he was using to campaign in... More »

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