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Sanders Loves Pope's Mention of 'Radical' Activist

He like pontiff's praise of Dorothy Day

(Newser) - Pope Francis made a historic appearance before Congress today, and one person especially pleased with his speech was Bernie Sanders. The Vermont senator tells CNN he loved the reference to Dorothy Day, a "radical Catholic activist," per the Washington Post , who founded the Catholic Worker Movement and fought... More »

King's Is the 23rd Hearing on Radicalized US Muslims

...in the last five years. Others have largely escaped criticism

(Newser) - Rep. Peter King’s radical Islam hearings have generated a massive outcry, but they’re not exactly unique. In the past five years, the House and Senate have held a combined 22 hearings on the radicalization of American Muslims, Politico points out. They’ve been run by legislators on both... More »

Obama's Dad Was No 'Radical'

'Anti-colonialist' accusations misunderstand father and son

(Newser) - Those who suggest Barack Obama is a “rabid anti-colonialist” based on impressions of his father are way off the mark about both father and son, writes Bruce L.R. Smith in the Washington Post . Dinesh D’Souza recently argued that “the president inherited political radicalism from his father.... More »

Kagan's Thesis Proves She's an 'Avowed Socialist'

Says Erick Erickson; other bloggers yawn

(Newser) - Erick Erickson, the right-winger commenter CNN hired to much derision , has gotten his hands on Elena Kagan's college thesis, and he sums it up with typical understatement: "This proves Elena Kagan is an open and avowed socialist," he writes for Red State . "The woman declares that socialists... More »

The Twilight of Students' Radical Reading

What happened to Sylvia Plath and Allen Ginsberg?

(Newser) - A few decades ago, college kids turned to radicals to satisfy their literary thirst, but on today’s campuses, “you're more likely to hear a werewolf howl than Allen Ginsberg,” writes Ron Charles in the Washington Post. Other than Barack Obama’s tomes, the bestselling books among college... More »

French Pols Receive Death Threats—Along With Bullets

(Newser) - Seven French politicians, including President Nicolas Sarkozy, have received death threats accompanied by live ammunition, the Independent reports. The letters, which included 9mm rounds, were signed by an unknown group called Solidarity Earth. Though the name perhaps suggests an environmental group, and anti-terrorism officials are investigating, those in the know... More »

Unrepentant Ayers: I Was 'Demonized'

Campaign piñata says of his radical past: We didn't do enough

(Newser) - William Ayers broke his silence this morning on Good Morning America, and he was anything but repentant. The former ‘60s radical called the attacks on him “a profoundly dishonest narrative” designed to “demonize” him, ABC reports. But he didn’t apologize for controversial deeds by him or... More »

Is Obama a Radical or Reconciler?

Or Niebuhrian waffler?

(Newser) - Barack Obama may be on the brink of the presidency, but many still wonder whether he’s a closet radical, Michael Gerson writes in the Washington Post. He carries a liberal Illinois legislature record, associations with Ayers, Alinsky, Wright, and ACORN, and an “elitist disdain for bitter, God-clinging conservatives,... More »

McCain Had a '60s Radical Friend of His Own

Made friends with ex-Vietnam protestor

(Newser) - John McCain has been busily exploiting and distorting Barack Obama’s passing relationship with '60s radical Bill Ayers, but McCain himself had a much closer relationship with another '60s radical, David Ifshin, writes Joe Klein of Time. Ifshin was an anti-Vietnam radical whom many people accused of treason after he... More »

How Obama Crossed Paths With a Radical '60s Bomber

Candidate's links with ex-Weatherman probed

(Newser) - Bill Ayers' past as a bomb-planting '60s radical has been largely forgiven in Chicago—even the mayor says, “He’s done a lot of good in this city and nationally”—but it keeps popping up to haunt Barack Obama, the New York Times reports. The pair live in... More »

Brit Cafe Bomber 'Preyed On by Extremists'

Radicals took advantage of mentally ill Islamic convert: cops

(Newser) - British police believe a mentally ill man who tried to blow himself up in a restaurant yesterday was taken advantage of by Islamic extremists, the Guardian reports. The recent convert to Islam walked into a busy restaurant in the West Country city of Exeter and exploded a device. The only... More »

Clashes in Lebanon Kill 39

(Newser) - A gunbattle between the Lebanese army and al-Qaeda-linked militants in Tripoli  today left 22 soldiers and 17 insurgents dead, the AP reports. The fighting—the worst in the city in two decades— began when police raided an apartment occupied by militants. The army later shelled a Palestinian refugee camp which... More »

Fort Dix Terror Plot Foiled

(Newser) - Six alleged terrorists are under arrest after plotting an attack against New Jersey's Fort Dix Army Base. The men, Islamic radicals from Albania and the former Yugoslavia, had hatched a deadly (if decidedly low-tech) plan: storm the base with automatic weapons and execute as many soldiers as possible. More »

Million Turks Rally for Secularism

(Newser) - Secular Turks staged an enormous rally yesterday amid a constitutional crisis over the election of the next president, the BBC reports. As many as a million protesters turned out in Istanbul to oppose ruling-party candidate Abdullah Gul, who they're afraid is orchestrating an Islamic coup in the country even as... More »

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