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No Hiatus: El Bulli Will Close for Good

World's best restaurant, yes, but losing $675K a year

(Newser) - The chef behind the Spanish restaurant many label the world’s best now says he’ll close El Bulli in 2012, rather than just shutter it for 2 years. Ferran Adrià tells the New York Times he and his partner are losing more than $675,000 a year on the... More »

World's Best Restaurant, El Bulli, Takes 2-Year Break

Ferran Adria announces hiatus for El Bulli

(Newser) - Spanish chef Ferran Adria stunned the world of fine dining by announcing that his celebrated El Bulli restaurant will be closing for 2 years after the 2011 season. Adria—creator of dishes like squid ravioli, turtle dove with blackberry caviar, and freeze-dried foie gras—says working 15-hour days has been... More »

2 Stories