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In Cutthroat College Hoops, a Shining Act of Generosity

Gettysburg's Cory Weissman scores a special basket

(Newser) - For those having a people-are-lousy day, Frank Deford at NPR has an antidote in the tale of Gettysburg College basketball player Cory Weissman, a senior captain taking the court for senior night against Washington College. Which is all fine, except, as Deford writes, "it was, you see, the first... More »

Shut It, Athletes; Just Tweet

Then Frank Deford won't have to listen to crazy guarantees and apologies

(Newser) - Frank Deford doesn’t want to hear your outrageous predictions or tearful faux-apologies, athletes, and he doesn’t want to read about them in the papers, either, reporters. “Come on, guys, just because some jock babbles incoherently, you don't have to pass it on,” he admonishes his fellow... More »

2 Stories