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MadTV Mocked Apple's iPad 4 Years Ago

2006 sketch parodied what new Apple tablet sounds like it is

(Newser) - Looks like the yucksters at MadTV have Steve Jobs beat by four years when coming up with dubious names for tablet computers. Thing is, when the comedians made a jokey iPad sketch, their gadget was actually what Apple’s new toy sort of sounds like: a feminine hygiene product. Complete... More »

iPad's Fatal Flaw: That Name

Women can't help thinking how absorbent it'll be

(Newser) - The name of Apple’s new tablet is already inspiring jokes, eye-rolling, and fretting among the business class, reminding many of a certain, umm, feminine product. Business Insider immediately declared the name “terrible,” and the Internet soon filled with snark. “How will it stand up to other... More »

2 Stories