JD Salinger dies

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Coming Soon? 5 Books From JD Salinger

Documentary says author ordered posthumous publication of some works

(Newser) - We haven't heard the last word on Holden Caulfield, if a new documentary on JD Salinger is to be believed. The New York Times today reports that at least five new books could roll out as soon as 2015, including one tome, The Last and Best of the Peter ... More »

On the Page, Salinger Was Anything but Withdrawn

Remembering the writer, not the myth

(Newser) - The myth of JD Salinger the withdrawn man doesn't match Salinger the writer, Adam Gopnik writes. On the page, Salinger was charming, expansive, and relentlessly engaged with the world. "No American writer will ever have a more alert ear, a more attentive eye, or a more ardent heart,"... More »

JD Salinger Was No Recluse, Say Neighbors

He was a private man, but he also got around town

(Newser) - He may have been a hermit to the rest of the world, but JD Salinger's neighbors in Cornish, NH, know differently. He valued his privacy to be sure, but the man also got around. He liked the Dartmouth Bookstore in nearby Hanover, favored the Windsor Diner, and was a regular... More »

Eager Fans Await 'Secret Salinger Trove'

Author rumored to have kept stash of unpublished works

(Newser) - Fans who have long awaited Holden Caulfield's move from adolescence to retirement hope they'll soon be reading something new from JD Salinger. The author—whose last published book was in 1963—is widely believed to have kept a stack of finished, unpublished works in a safe in his New Hampshire... More »

JD Salinger: The 'Garbo of Letters'

Obituaries, tributes pouring in for late author

(Newser) - How to sum up the life of JD Salinger in a paragraph? Here's a sampling coming in from the wires:
  • Kyle Anderson, MTV : He's "the reclusive genius who crafted one of the most iconic and important pieces of youth fiction."
  • Charles McGrath, New York Times : "JD Salinger,
... More »

JD Salinger Dead at 91

A host of new work could be published posthumously

(Newser) - JD Salinger, the legendary author, youth hero, and fugitive from fame whose The Catcher in the Rye shocked and inspired a world he increasingly shunned, has died. He was 91. His death could lead to the publication of some of the writing he has been working on since he stopped... More »

6 Stories