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Lawmakers Unswayed by White House Syria Case

When strike would occur remains unclear

(Newser) - The specifics of President Obama's plans for Syria don't seem much clearer after a conference call with Congressional leaders. The call didn't include information on when a strike would occur, Politico notes, nor did it appear to sway lawmakers who had doubts about military action. During the... More »

Corker on Syria: 'We Will Respond'

Top-ranking congressmen call for action, as others want to verify, limit scope

(Newser) - The alleged chemical attack in Syria continues to reverberate today, with members of Congress hitting the Sunday talk show rodeo to call for action—or restraint, reports Politico . Leading the charge for action was Bob Corker , the ranking Republican on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, who said he believes chemical... More »

'Aisle Hogs' Camp Out Hours for SOTU Seats

It's a rare opportunity to shake hands, talk to the president

(Newser) - As you read this, there are already lawmakers sitting in the House chamber, just waiting for President Obama to arrive for his State of the Union address tonight. The aisle seats in the chamber have become hot commodities in recent years, with less-well-known legislators clamoring for a rare chance to,... More »

NY Politicians Enraged That Obama Opposes 9/11 Health Bill

$11B, over 30 years, at odds with budget freeze

(Newser) - Funding for a bill that would set aside $11 billion over the next 30 years to address health issues resulting from the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks in New York looks to be a casualty of President Obama’s proposed budget freeze—to the outrage of the state’s congressional... More »

4 Stories