Texas Christian University

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Prof Suggests Study Session for 'Students of Color'

Santiago Piñón seems to single out Hispanic students

(Newser) - Good idea: A Texas Christian University professor recently reached out to students in an effort to help them succeed in his religion class. Bad idea: Santiago Piñón only reached out to "students of color." A portion of his message, procured by Inside Higher Ed :
  • "At
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Texas Frat Boy Branded by 'Brothers'

Kappa Sigma member says he only gave consent for 1 butt cheek

(Newser) - A Texan fraternity is being investigated after members had too many beers and treated a fraternity brother like a steer—by branding him with Greek letters. Texas Christian University student Amos Carter IV suffered second- and third-degree burns when his Kappa Sigma brothers used a red-hot coat hanger on his... More »

2 Stories