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'There Were My Mother's Body Parts All Around Me'

Journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia dies in car bomb attack in Malta

(Newser) - "Tragic is someone being run over by a bus. When there is blood and fire all around you, that's war." So writes the son of Daphne Caruana Galizia, a 53-year-old journalist who Politico dubbed a "one-woman WikiLeaks," following her death by car bomb near her... More »

Photographer Caught in Car Bomb Attack Tells His Tale

'My only thought was to get low and find cover'

(Newser) - Bryan Denton was out of the safety of the armored vehicle and away from cover when the suicide car bomb approached, looking "like an armadillo covered in steel plates." "As everyone began to run, and the soldiers opened up on the vehicle, my only thought was to... More »

Bomb Found on Rental Car at NM Airport

'Credible explosive device' disarmed, but renters had long wait in Albuquerque

(Newser) - The FBI and the ATF are on the case in New Mexico for a Breaking Bad-like scenario: a "credible explosive device" found underneath a rental car that was returned Sunday to the Albuquerque International Sunport, CNN reports. Police say the vehicle had been rented elsewhere (cops aren't saying... More »

Bank of Greece Bombed Before Landmark Bond Sale

Car bomb comes on day of return to international markets

(Newser) - Greece is set to return to the international bond market today after four years of financial struggle, but not everyone is happy about it—especially not the suspected domestic terrorists who set off a large car bomb in front of the country's central bank hours before the bond issue.... More »

Bomber Learns Hard Way to Turn Clock Forward

Police say Irish bomber got his timing wrong, blew himself up

(Newser) - Police in Ireland are hunting for a man they believe was injured when his own car bomb blew up in his face. A bomb attached to a businessman's SUV exploded earlier this week in Dublin, destroying the car and blowing the doors off a nearby home. The only person... More »

Car Bomb Lesson Ends Badly, Kills 21 'Students'

ISIS militants in Iraq were learning to make car bombs

(Newser) - The lesson here was not exactly intended: Islamic State of Iraq and Syria militants learning how to make car bombs today accidentally set off their own bomb at a training camp in the countryside north of Baghdad, leaving at least 21 dead and resulting in two dozen arrests, Iraqi officials... More »

Car Bomb Near Somalia Hotel Leaves 4 Dead

Diplomat killed; at least 15 reported injured

(Newser) - A car bombing near a pricey hotel in the Somali capital has killed at least four people and wounded 15, says a government spokesman; a hospital official put the number admitted at 22. One of those killed was top diplomat Abdulkadir Ali Dhuub, formerly acting ambassador to the UK, AFP... More »

Car Bombings, Suicide Blasts Across Iraq Kill 70 in 1 Day

Deadly blasts increase as sectarian violence surges

(Newser) - A spate of car bombings and other attacks across Iraq today left at least 70 dead and many more wounded, Reuters reports. The grim breakdown, as per Al Jazeera : In the northern city of Mosul, 28 were killed by four car bombs targeting members of the police and army. In... More »

Libya Car Bomb Hits French Embassy

Tripoli blast injures 2 guards

(Newser) - Two guards were injured when a car bomb exploded outside France's embassy in Tripoli this morning in the first such attack on a foreign mission in the Libyan capital since the fall of Moammar Gadhafi. French President Francois Hollande called the bombing an attack on "all countries in... More »

Dozens Killed on Iraq War's 10th Anniversary

Baghdad bombings leave at least 56 dead, 200 wounded

(Newser) - The eve of the 10th anniversary of the start of the US-led invasion of Iraq brings more bloodshed: At least 56 people have been killed and more than 200 wounded in bombings in and around Baghdad today, the AP reports. Bombs rocked a market and a restaurant in the capital;... More »

Huge Blast Rocks Damascus

Kids dead, Russian embassy damaged

(Newser) - A powerful car bomb exploded in central Damascus today, blowing out the windows of the Russian embassy, and killing at least some children at a nearby school. The bomb detonated at a security checkpoint between the embassy and the Baath Party Headquarters, the BBC reports. Activists say at least 31... More »

Major Official Assassinated in Lebanon Blast

Maj. Gen. Wissam al-Hassan's death 'a big, big, big event': adviser to PM

(Newser) - At least eight people were killed in a massive car bombing in Beirut today, including renowned intelligence chief Maj. Gen. Wissam a-Hassan, a central figure in Lebanese politics. Hassan was famous for uncovering Hezbollah's role in the assassination of former prime minister Rafiq al-Hariri, father of the current Sunni... More »

Defense Minister Escapes Car Bombing in Yemen

At least 13 killed, but Mohammed Nasser Ahmed unhurt

(Newser) - At least 13 people are dead after a car bombing in Yemen's capital today that was targeting the country's defense minister, according to security officials. Maj. Gen. Mohammed Nasser Ahmed's motorcade was hit while he was traveling through Sanaa en route to a Cabinet meeting, but the... More »

Bomb Lands on Aleppo Kindergarten

Government, opposition trade accusations in weekend of violence

(Newser) - The Syrian government and anti-government rebels are blaming each other for carnage and civilian casualties again after another weekend of violence. One airstrike on a residential block in Aleppo directly hit a kindergarten, causing a "great number" of child deaths, reports CNN . Opposition activists described the strike as being... More »

Suicide Bomb Hits US Vehicle in Pakistan

19 Pakistanis injured along with 2 Americans as car bomb explodes in busy street

(Newser) - A bomb attack on a US consular vehicle in Peshawar today killed two Pakistanis, while injuring two American consulate workers and at least 19 Pakistanis on the busy street, reports the AP . Other reports said that five were killed in the suicide bombing, including the Americans, according to the Hindustan... More »

3 Car Bombs Kill 2 in Tripoli

Deadly blasts first of their kind since fall of Gadhafi

(Newser) - Three car bombs exploded in Tripoli today, killing at least two people, reports Reuters . The first bomb blew up near the interior ministry's administrative offices; when police arrived and began investigating, they found a second, unexploded bomb in the area. Shortly after, two more car bombs detonated at a... More »

Bombs Across Iraq Kill 63 Pilgrims

Attacks target Shiite pilgrims headed to Baghdad site

(Newser) - A series of coordinated car bombs went off in at least five Iraqi cities today, killing 63 people in one of the deadliest attacks since US forces left the country. The blasts appeared to be the third attack this week targeting Shiite pilgrims en route to the Baghdad neighborhood of... More »

Thailand Car Bombs Kill 14, Injure 340

Authorities call series of bombings worst in years

(Newser) - The biggest series of bombings in years killed 14 people and injured 340 in southern Thailand yesterday, reports the AP . Authorities suspect militant Islamic insurgents in the attack, which targeted shoppers and a hotel popular with Singapore and Malaysian tourists. The first explosion was a large truck bomb, going off... More »

2 Bombs Rock Damascus; 27 Dead

Violence returns to Syrian capital, suburbs

(Newser) - Two car bombs rocked Damascus this morning around 7:30 local time, killing civilians and security forces, report al-Jazeera and AP . State media reports 27 dead and more than 100 injured. One bomb hit the criminal security department and the other the aviation intelligence department. The usual blame game unfolded:... More »

Israel Blames Iran for Dual Car Bombs

2 injured in New Delhi blast near Israeli embassy

(Newser) - An Israeli diplomat's car was battered by an explosion in New Delhi today, wounding the driver and the wife of a diplomat, the AP reports. Meanwhile, in Georgia, a driver for Israel's embassy found a package attached to his car ; police in Tbilisi discovered a grenade inside and... More »

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