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Feds Sue Apple Over E-book Price Fixing

Allege Apple deal with publishers drove up prices

(Newser) - The Justice Department has filed an antitrust lawsuit against Apple and five of the US' biggest book publishers over allegations that they conspired to fix the price of e-books ahead of the iPad's launch, the Wall Street Journal reports. The conspiracy allegedly aimed to drive up prices, which had... More »

Another E-Book Publisher Challenges Amazon

Hachette is third major house to push for higher, iPad-style prices

(Newser) - Hachette has joined Macmillan—and, seemingly, HarperCollins—in demanding control over the pricing of its e-books sold through Amazon, a move apparently sparked by Apple’s more flexible model for titles that will appear on its iPad. Hachette sent a letter to agents yesterday announcing it would seek an Apple-style... More »

Amazon Caves to Macmillan

Retailer agrees to raise prices for Kindle ebooks

(Newser) - Amazon capitulated to Macmillan today and will allow the publisher to set prices for ebooks available for the Kindle reader. Amazon has sold new releases and bestsellers for a flat rate of $9.99, which Macmillan considered too low. The tussle over pricing prompted the online retailer to suspend purchases... More »

3 Stories