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NASA Forced to Spend $500M on Canceled Rocket Program

But much needed upgrades to Kennedy Space Center delayed indefinitely

(Newser) - Thanks to congressional inaction, NASA is being forced to spend $500 million on canceled projects—but can't begin much-needed modernization programs, reports the Orlando Sentinel . NASA's Constellation program, designed to return people to the moon, was canceled earlier this year by President Obama. But lawmakers inserted language into the budget... More »

Neil Armstrong Blasts Obama Space Cuts

Loss of space capability will make US second-rate nation, Armstrong warns

(Newser) - President Obama's decision to ax NASA's return-to-the-moon program is a giant leap backwards for America, moonwalker Neil Armstrong charges in an open letter to the president. The letter, released to NBC by Armstrong and two fellow Apollo commanders, says that while some of the NASA budget cuts have merit, the... More »

Schools Win; NASA Loses

First look at proposed 2011 budget shows sharp break between haves and have-nots

(Newser) - President Obama delivered his proposed 2011 budget to Congress today, and the Washington Post drills down to find the winners and losers. Winners first:
  • K-12 education: The Department of Education's budget will increase by 6%, or $3 billion.
  • Research: The proposal pumps up the Energy Department's budget 7%, or $2
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3 Stories