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More Unmarried Women Over Age 35 Having Babies

But fewer unwed women overall are having kids, says CDC

(Newser) - Although the birth rate for unmarried women has been slowly declining, middle-aged American women aren't waiting to tie the knot before having kids. According to recent CDC data, birth rates for unmarried females between the ages of 35 and 39 rose a substantial 48% between 2002 and 2012, reports... More »

Unwed Parents' 'Magic Moment' Lasts 'Til Kid Is 3

Window in which marriage is likely lasts longer than thought

(Newser) - Attention, unmarried-and-maybe-procrastinating parents of the world: Conventional wisdom has long held that you have a "magic moment," or window, after the birth of your child in which it's most likely you'll put a ring on things. But new research from Duke University shows that the magic... More »

Final Resting Place for 800 Irish Babies: Septic Tank

Historian uncovers death records of hundreds of illegitimate children

(Newser) - Between 1925 and 1961, Irish women who lodged at "the Home" in County Galway were made to work for free for as long as three years and handed uniforms and a new name. It was their way of atoning for their out-of-wedlock pregnancy, but as Ireland is now learning,... More »

China City to Fine Unwed Moms

Wuhan plans to add 'social compensation fee'

(Newser) - It's no scarlet letter, but the central China city of Wuhan's plan to fine mothers who have a child out of wedlock has sparked charges of discrimination and could lead to an increase in abandoned babies. It would be the first time that out-of-wedlock children have been expressly... More »

More Kids Born to Parents Livin' in Sin

Experts think it's because many are skipping the wedding in a crappy economy

(Newser) - It's a demographic trend to wreck an elementary school chant: First comes love, then comes ... mama and the baby carriage? The number of unmarried new moms living with a male shot up from 9% in 1985 to a whopping 27% from 2003 to 2010, according to a new study.... More »

Most Babies to Young Moms Born Out of Wedlock

More than half of births for women under 30 occur outside marriage: NYT

(Newser) - Out-of-wedlock births have been rising in the United States for 50 years, but now they've crossed a big threshold—more than half of all the babies born to women under 30 are born outside of marriage, reports the New York Times . While 59% of babies overall are born to... More »

I Wasn't Date-Raped: Bristol Palin

Even though Levi had sex with her while she was passed out drunk

(Newser) - Bristol Palin insists she wasn't date-raped even though she charges in her new book that her virginity was "stolen" by baby daddy Levi Johnston after she passed out on too many wine coolers. “I'm not accusing Levi of date rape. I am just looking back with... More »

Teen Mom Files for Divorce

Leah Messer dumps Corey Simms 6 months after wedding

(Newser) - The young mom who seemed to have the best hopes of a normal family life on the latest season of MTV's Teen Mom has filed for divorce, reports E! Online . Leah Messer, mom of twin 18-month-old daughters, is divorcing Corey Simms just six months after their wedding for cheating... More »

Huckabee: I Didn't 'Attack' Natalie Portman

He's just very happy about her pending nuptials

(Newser) - Mike Huckabee will have you know that he didn't diss Natalie Portman's out-of-wedlock pregnancy— contrary to what you might have read in the "Hollywood media" —nor, for that matter, "did I criticize the hardworking single mothers in our country," reports Politico. He is, however, really glad... More »

Pastor Won't Baptize Unwed Moms' Babies in Church

Rev. Ralph White is speaking out against teen pregnancy

(Newser) - Unwed mother? Don’t take your baby to the Rev. Ralph White for a baptism. The Memphis minister is taking a stand against teen pregnancy by refusing to baptize a child in his church unless his or her parents are married, WMCTV.com reports. "We're teaching, 'Hey, you should... More »

Bristol: Tightwad Levi Is Lying About Money

She subpoenas pay records from CNN, Playgirl for kid support

(Newser) - Bristol Palin is demanding pay stubs to Levi Johnston from CNN, Playgirl, the National Enquirer, Star magazine, and Entertainment Tonight, claiming her baby daddy is falsely crying poverty to duck his responsibility to support their child. Johnston has argued in a court battle over child support payments that he can't... More »

Foe Rips Zuma as 'Sex Addict' Like Tiger Woods

South African President Needs Help, Says Disgusted Critic

(Newser) - Man-of-many-wives South African President Jacob Zuma is a "sex addict" who needs treatment like Tiger Woods, said a disgusted member of parliament after Zuma had his 20th child. The baby was born outside a generous wedlock that includes three wives (and another on the way). Zuma is coming under... More »

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