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FDA Urged to Take On Food Fraud

That snapper you're eating probably isn't snapper

(Newser) - Mislabeling and diluting of foodstuffs has reached epidemic levels during the economic downturn and the FDA isn't doing enough to combat the problem, industry groups say. Experts believe at least 5% of the American food is supply is mislabeled and say regulators should step up efforts to stop instances of... More »

Haiti Relief Puts Few Dents in 'Massive' Need

Food, shelter, medicine in short supply with government invisible

(Newser) - Relief efforts in Haiti are falling far short of the need despite the best intentions of the international response to the devastating earthquake almost a month past. The nation’s government is almost absent as US soldiers struggle to deliver nothing more than rice, and no temporary shelter besides the... More »

Armed Group Attacks Haiti Food Convoy

UN peacekeepers fire shots, no one hurt

(Newser) - An armed group of Haitians attacked a United Nations food convoy at an airport in a southwest town of the island nation. UN peacekeepers fired warning shots and no one was injured, said officials. Local authorities are attempting to round up escaped prisoners to protect the vulnerable population. UN officials... More »

3 Stories