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Utah Legislature Expels Sex Ed

Republicans refuse to debate bill dropping the subject

(Newser) - Utah's legislature has passed a bill allowing schools to drop their sex education programs and forbidding any instruction on the use of contraception. The Senate passed the bill Tuesday in a 19-10 vote, the Salt Lake City Tribune reports. Some Democrats spoke up against the bill and asked questions... More »

Utah Bill Bars Sex Ed Unless It's Abstinence-Only

Schools must drop instruction if they want to talk contraception: bill

(Newser) - A bill passed by Utah's House of Representatives gives schools a choice: Teach sex education that's all about not having sex, or drop sex ed. The bill, which allows schools to skip sex education, and bars those that keep it from discussing contraception, was passed 45-28 after a... More »

Women Don't Trust Palin on Abortion: Poll

54% of all voters think Planned Parenthood trustworthy; 24% think same of Palin

(Newser) - Most American voters—particularly women—don’t trust Sarah Palin on women’s health issues like abortion, sex ed, and birth control, a Planned Parenthood poll finds. While 54% of voters consider Planned Parenthood trustworthy on women’s health, only 24% find Palin trustworthy on the matter. The numbers inch... More »

Abstinence-Only States Have More Teen Pregnancy

Study shows big regional disparities

(Newser) - While US teen pregnancy rates are falling overall, some states currently have dramatically higher rates than others, according to a new CDC study—and they just happen to be states emphasizing abstinence-only sex education. In New England, for example, 2008 birth rates stood at less than 25 per 1,000... More »

Obama Boosts Funding for 'Evidence-Based' Sex Ed

Abstinence-only teen programs taking a backseat

(Newser) - President Obama has reversed Bush-era policies and shifted federal funding away from abstinence-only sex education programs toward programs that have been proven to reduce teen pregnancy. Abstinence programs will still receive funding, but over $114 million in this year's federal budget will go to "evidence-based" programs, NPR reports. More »

Health Law Slips in $250M for Abstinence-Only Education

Critics charge approach is ineffective, dangerous

(Newser) - Obama's health care reform includes $250 million for abstinence-only sexual education. To receive the funding, programs must teach that abstinence from sexual activity is "the only certain way to avoid out-of-wedlock pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, and other associated health problems." They must also tell young people that pre-marital... More »

Turns Out Abstinence Ed Does Cut Teen Sex

It beat safe sex program in recent study

(Newser) - Abstinence-only sex education is back on solid scientific ground, with a study showing the method may be more effective than safe sex education in discouraging young teens from taking the plunge. Different groups of 6th- and 7th-graders were given short courses in abstinence, safe sex, or a combination of the... More »

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