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The Key to Flavorful Coffee? Scientists Say Cool Beans

Grinding chilled beans helps flavor extraction, according to new study

(Newser) - Many of us, as Gizmodo points out, store our coffee beans in the fridge or freezer to keep them fresh. Now scientists say that may actually be giving us more flavorful cups of coffee, to boot, according to a study published in Scientific Reports . Researchers at the University of Bath... More »

Your Coffee Might Have Dirt in It

Scientists say 'fillers' in ground coffee becoming more common amid shortage

(Newser) - Some things are better left unknown. Java lovers who prefer to buy their coffee pre-ground may be in for a shocker with the latest news out of Brazil: It might well be tainted. Amid recent coffee shortages, the ground variety has been found to contain anything from brown sugar, corn,... More »

Green Coffee Beans Tied to Weight Loss

Raw bean extract could be a cheap weight loss aid, researchers claim

(Newser) - The latest substance being touted as a weight loss aid is cheap and bitter. Researchers say that extract of raw, unroasted coffee beans helped overweight volunteers lose an average of 17.5 pounds in 22 weeks without major changes in diet or exercise, ABC reports. The green coffee bean extract... More »

Heavy Rain Hammering Coffee Crops

Price climbs amid continued bad weather in Central America

(Newser) - As Central America is battered by downpours, the weather is taking a heavy toll on the region’s coffee growers. With the harvest about to begin, wind is knocking leaves off coffee trees, leaving unripe berries unprotected. Ripe berries are ruined by landing on soaking ground. Soon, your morning cup... More »

Insect Threatens Hawaii's Top-Shelf Kona Coffee

Coffee berry borer will make beans pricier

(Newser) - Coffee from Hawaii's Kona coast is sought the world over—and can command a price of more than $50 a pound. But the Kona harvest is facing a grave danger: infestation from a the coffee berry borer, a relentless pest that can eradicate a crop, NPR reports. The borer eats... More »

Starbucks Raising Coffee Prices

But smallest size will remain $1.50

(Newser) - Starbucks is raising the price of some of its drinks, the Seattle Times reports. The coffee giant has been hit by increases in the cost of green coffee beans, which are at a 13-year high. Starbucks didn't detail exactly how it would pass on those increases to consumers, but it... More »

No 'Excellent' Coffee Blends: Consumer Reports

Testers blame pinched arabica supply for low-quality joe

(Newser) - No coffee blend available in the United States ranked “excellent” or even "very good" in this year's Consumer Reports testing. Thanks to limited supply of high-quality arabica beans from Colombia, the top ranking in the testing results out today is just “good.” Try Starbucks House Blend... More »

7 Stories