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Ann Coulter: MSNBC Host Is 'Retarded'

Dilemma for Sarah Palin?

(Newser) - Is it time for "mama grizzly" Sarah Palin to maul yet another user of her hated R-bomb? This time it was conservative pundit Ann Coulter in a tweet: "Great video: head of GOProud interviewed by retarded person on MSNBC." That "retarded person" is MSNBC host Cenk... More »

What's Wrong With 'Retard'

Slur diminishes 'the joy, hope, and sparkling individuality of millions'

(Newser) - In the wake of the furor over Rahm Emanuel and Rush Limbaugh's liberal use of the word "retard," Special Olympics CEO Tim Shriver reminds us why the word matters: it represents a damning and hurtful social stigma. Intellectual disabilities advocates aren't looking to ban the word "retard"... More »

Meghan McCain Rips Palin's 'Retarded' Double Standard

'Exactly what's wrong with politics today'

(Newser) - Meghan McCain had some harsh words for Sarah Palin, Tom Tancredo, and the whole Tea Party movement on The View yesterday. McCain, who says she avoided the Tea Party convention because of "ideological differences," said Palin's double standard about the use of the word "retarded" is "... More »

Palin: 'Absurd' Not to Consider a Run in 2012

Ex-gov also thinks Obama should play the 'war card' to get re-elected

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton and Tim Geithner gamely made the talk show rounds today, reports Politico , but the foreign policy and economic views gathering buzz were those being espoused by Sarah Palin over at Fox News Sunday. The onetime would-be veep said it would be "absurd" for her not to consider... More »

Limbaugh 'Retard' Rant 'Crude And Demeaning': Palin

... but doesn't call for firing, as with Rahm Emanuel

(Newser) - Sarah Palin proved today to be a defender of political correctness no matter which side of aisle the assault comes from, ripping Rush Limbaugh for his use of “ retard .” However, while the former Alaska governor, and mother of a special-needs child, “believes crude and demeaning name calling... More »

Rush Is With Rahm on Lefty 'Retards'

Blames 'political correct society' for overblown reaction

(Newser) - In a rare move today, conservative megaphone Rush Limbaugh agreed with Rahm Emanuel on something—though the confluence might not please Sarah Palin. The former vice-presidential nominee wants the White House chief of staff fired for using “retarded” in derogatory fashion, but Limbaugh said on his radio show today... More »

Rahm Emanuel Apologizes for 'Retarded' Comment

Obama's chief of staff personally calls Special Olympics CEO

(Newser) - Rahm Emanuel says he's sorry he called liberals “retarded” in August, and he has personally apologized to the CEO of the Special Olympics. "The apology was accepted,” a White House aide tells the Washington Post . The comment has drawn fire since it came to light, and it... More »

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