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Office Romance Comes Out of the Supply Closet

More employees see no reason to hide their love, and bosses are on board

(Newser) - The stigma of office romance is swiftly slipping away, bringing a time-honored—and surprisingly traditional—method of courtship out into the open. A recent survey shows 67% of employees see no reason to pretend they’re not dating a coworker, up from 54% in 2005. And no wonder. “The... More »

What Price Love? $63.34 on Valentine's Day

Spending on spouses or partners is expected to drop

(Newser) - The recession hath made its mark on love, as an industry group expects Valentine’s Day spending to fall by about 6% this year compared to last. The National Retail Federation estimates someone in a relationship will spend $63.34 this year on their spouse or significant other, a drop... More »

2 Stories