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How to Behave on Facebook

No one wants to read about your daily workouts

(Newser) - Facebook is nice and all, but it would be better if people had to follow some basic rules of etiquette. Wendy Atterberry offers up the 10 she’d like to see, on The Frisky :
  1. Stop tagging people: And while you’re at it, don’t even post those “embarrassing
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Tips for Online Job Hunters

For starters, be careful about anything you post

(Newser) - Online job hunters make common mistakes, writes Elizabeth Garone in the Wall Street Journal. Things to keep in mind:
  • Mind your manners: This applies to your tweets, blogs, even your Facebook postings. Most hiring managers review your online presence, and most have rejected people because of something inappropriate they dug
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How Not to Be a Jackass on Twitter

9 rules that will make you suck less

(Newser) - Facebook, Twitter, MySpace—basically, they're all platforms that allow you to demonstrate just how much you suck, writes Lindsay Cutler for Nerve . And even though Twitter limits potential sucking to 140 characters or less (yay!), we still manage to come off like jackasses (boo!). To help you out,... More »

Are You're a Cyberbully? Try MTV's 'Morality Meter'

Teens invited to share, rate tales of dubious online actions

(Newser) - Teens wondering whether their online behavior has crossed the line into sexting or cyberbullying will be able to get an answer from a new MTV "morality meter" app. Over the Line? lets young people share stories about what they're up to online and invites users to rate those stories... More »

Tired of Abuse, Engadget Turns Off Comments

It's an 'experiment,' tech site editor says of temporary move

(Newser) - The editors at Engadget have had it up to here with nasty, over-the-top commenters. The tech site temporarily disabled comments today because their tone over the last week "has really gotten out of hand," explains a note to readers. "Some of you out there in the world... More »

5 Stories