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Ghost of Election 2018 Looms Ominously for Republicans

Departing GOP lawmakers have warnings for own party to move to avoid 2018 losses

(Newser) - Departing Republican lawmakers are playing the Ghost of Christmas Future, and they're warning their own party of grim results come Election Day 2018, reports the Washington Post . "When you look at some of the audiences cheering for Republicans ... you say, ‘Those are the spasms of a dying... More »

Clinton Throws Support Down-Ballot

President Obama, other top Dems work swing races in hopes of turning House, Senate

(Newser) - With Donald Trump's poll numbers sinking, and many analysts predicting a landslide will sweep the first major party female candidate into the Oval Office, Hillary Clinton has the luxury of being able to turn her attention down-ballot and on turning red and purple states blue, reports the Washington Post... More »

Karl Rove: GOP Can Retake Senate in 2014

But the party will need 'quality candidates'

(Newser) - If the Todd Akins and Richard Mourdocks of the world keep their distance, Republicans have a chance of retaking the Senate in 2014, writes Karl Rove in the Wall Street Journal . To do so, they would would need a net gain of six seats. It sounds steep, but Max Baucus... More »

Gaffes Squash GOP Bid to Rule Senate—Again

Akin, Mourdock stumbles reminiscent of 2010 struggle

(Newser) - In 2010, the GOP looked poised for a potential Senate takeover—but losses by Tea Party favorites to Democrats in Nevada, Delaware, and Colorado helped Democrats maintain control. Now, a similar scenario is playing itself out, notes the AP . Once again, Republicans should have had the Senate locked up this... More »

Gibbs: Dems Will Prevail Nov. 2

Says party faithful is getting stoked again

(Newser) - White House mouthpiece Robert Gibbs officially reversed his July assertion that Democrats could lose the House (here's the firestorm that ensued) , today telling Meet the Press that his party's base was waking from its stupor and would retain control of both chambers of Congress. As his boss hit the campaign... More »

Brown Ripped for Vote on Jobs Bill

Senator mounts defense as Facebook friends mutiny

(Newser) - Scott Brown is getting flack from all sides for his decision to cross the aisle and vote to end debate on the Senate's $15 billion jobs legislation. The Drudge Report splashed the story on its homepage and tinted a photo of the Massachusetts senator an incriminating red. Far more vociferous... More »

5 More GOP Routes to a Senate Majority

These shaky Dem incumbents could be next to make the GOP's day

(Newser) - The decision by Indiana Senator Evan Bayh not to seek reelection has put 10 Democratic seats—and the majority—firmly in reach of Republicans in the upcoming election. Politico looks at 5 most likely to make the job easier for the GOP:
  • Arkansas: Blanche Lincoln trailed a likely GOP challenger
... More »

Senate Majority in Reach for Republicans

It's a long shot, but many races competitive, Lieberman could switch

(Newser) - It still isn’t likely—OK?—but suddenly it's "within the realm of speculation” that the Republicans could recapture the Senate in November. With Mark Kirk’s primary win in Illinois and competitive races in Colorado, Pennsylvania, and California, a 10-seat pickup is now a distant possibility, Jim Vandehei... More »

Obama to Democrats: 'We Still Have to Lead'

President reminds senators they still have a big majority

(Newser) - President Obama implored Senate Democrats today to stay aggressive in pushing their agenda despite the loss of one vital seat, saying: "We still have to lead." Speaking to his party's senators at their strategy conference, Obama reminded Democrats they still hold a 59-41 majority. For Democrats searching for... More »

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