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Men at Work's Greg Ham Devastated by 2010 Ruling

Police probing flute player's death

(Newser) - Greg Ham, saxophone and flute player for beloved Aussie rock band Men at Work, was found dead at his Melbourne home yesterday after dropping out of sight a week ago. He was discovered by concerned friends who went to check on the 58-year-old musician, who had been working as a... More »

Men At Work Stole Down Under Riff

Band faces hefty payments for borrowing kid song

(Newser) - The Australian rock band Men at Work is facing major royalty penalties now that a court has ruled they stole "substantial parts" of popular kids' song Kookaburra in their '80s hit Down Under. Music publishing company Larrikan, which owns the rights to the song, could now collect damages from... More »

2 Stories