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20-Year-Old Is Selling Her Virginity for $400K, 'Love'

'Love' of her family; Katherine Stone wants to rebuild burned-out family home with proceeds

(Newser) - The reasons for losing one's virginity are as old and as myriad as humanity itself, but they usually have to do with being addled by some combination of love, lust, alcohol, or the vague desire to spread your DNA around the planet. Gentle reader, meet 20-year-old Katherine Stone of... More »

Sin City's Latest: Virginity-Auction Reality Show

Australia threatened producer with prostitution charges

(Newser) - If you're going to round up a bunch of sexual novices, auction off their virginity, and make a reality show out of the stunt, you might as well do it in Las Vegas. At least, that's what the would-be producer of said show quickly decided after Australia threatened prostitution charges... More »

Student Sells Virginity Online for $30K

New Zealand 'Unigirl' Gives It Up as Long as It's 'Safe'

(Newser) - A poverty-stricken New Zealand college student has apparently sold her virginity online to a stranger for $30,000. It's continuing a trend begun last year by Natalie Dylan, a Yank who reportedly received bids in the millions when she auctioned off her virginity online to fund her master's degree. "... More »

3 Stories