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Obama to GOP: Let's Cut Corporate Taxes

... but only if you agree to job creation measures

(Newser) - President Obama has a new "grand bargain" for Republicans, though it's a little less grand this time around. In a speech today, Obama will offer to overhaul the corporate tax code, reducing the rate and reaping a onetime windfall in the process, the Wall Street Journal reports. In... More »

Obama to Congress: Here's Your 'To-Do List'

Items include bringing jobs back to US, tax credits for small business

(Newser) - Because Congress loves being bossed around like nothing else, President Obama will today unveil a "to-do list" of priorities, which have historically had bipartisan support, and which he says will "help restore middle class security." "At this make-or-break moment for the middle class, we need to... More »

Obama's Latest Jobs Push: Putting Veterans to Work

He issues executive orders, urges Congress to act

(Newser) - President Obama took to the Rose Garden today to issue a plea for another part of his jobs plan: a tax credit for businesses hiring unemployed veterans, and an even higher credit for hiring veterans with a disability. After fighting for our country overseas, Obama said, "the last thing... More »

Unemployed Hold Sit-In in Mitch McConnell's Office

They were eventually kicked out without seeing McConnell

(Newser) - A group of about 30 unemployed people spent all day sitting in Mitch McConnell’s office yesterday, insisting that they would not leave until they spoke with the Senate minority leader. They sat quietly in his waiting room, occupying every chair in the office and much of the floor, the... More »

Senate Rejects $35B Jobs Bill

Portion of larger American Jobs Act won't move forward

(Newser) - President Obama’s first attempt to split his American Jobs Act into smaller bites did not go well: His $35 billion package, intended to protect the jobs of teachers and first responders, was blocked in the Senate last night. Democrats couldn’t get the 60 votes needed to move the... More »

We're Finally Talking About Jobs

Conversation has shifted away from deficit: Josh Marshall

(Newser) - Josh Marshall at Talking Points Memo points out what he sees a change in the "national conversation" about the economy: It's all about jobs now instead of the debt and deficit. Witness the Republican senators who unveiled a jobs plan of their own , along with John Boehner giving... More »

Obama's Jobs Bill Fails in Senate

Measure can't overcome filibuster

(Newser) - No Senate miracle for the president's $447 billion jobs bill. As expected , the measure failed to advance in the chamber this evening, reports the Hill . All Republicans and two Democrats (Ben Nelson and Jon Tester) joined together in a filibuster, leaving the measure well short of the necessary 60... More »

Obama Jobs Bill Heads to Senate to Die

Republicans will filibuster

(Newser) - The Senate will hold a vote to begin debate on President Obama's jobs bill today, but Republicans are likely to filibuster the measure, denying it the 60 votes it needs, the AP reports. Republicans have been signaling their opposition, likening the bill to 2009's stimulus, which Republicans regard... More »

Reid Uses 'Nuclear Option' to Change Senate Rules

Move limits amendments that can be proposed after filibusters

(Newser) - Harry Reid shocked Congress last night when, without warning, he deployed the so-called “nuclear option” to change the Senate’s rules. No, he didn’t get rid of the filibuster. He barred senators from (stay with us) making motions to suspend the rules, a move that allows them to... More »

Obama Backs Senate's Millionaires Tax

Says jobs bill will guard against Europe debt crisis fallout

(Newser) - President Obama delivered another plea for his jobs bill today, and said he approved of the 5% surtax on millionaires the Senate came up with to pay for it. “I’m fine with the approach they have taken,” Obama said at the press conference, though the New York ... More »

The New Obama Gives 'em Hell

Democrats rejoice as president goes on the attack

(Newser) - On Labor Day, Carl Levin gave President Obama the text of a speech by Harry Truman—who won reelection despite a bad economy by attacking Republicans so viciously that he earned the nickname “Give ‘Em Hell Harry.” Ever since, Obama’s been giving Republicans hell, the Washington ... More »

Boehner Disses Obama Plan as Not 'Pro-Growth'

He also renews his call for a simplified tax code

(Newser) - John Boehner took his first swings at the Obama jobs plan today, calling it “a poor substitute for the pro-growth policies that are needed to remove barriers to job creation in America.” Boehner criticized the "host of new tax credits" it proposes, which he complained would “... More »

Dems Balking at Obama Jobs Bill

Some lawmakers want to break up $447B bill

(Newser) - President Obama is touring the country trying to sell his $447 billion jobs plan to voters but even some lawmakers from his own party are still skeptical, the New York Times finds. Some Democrats, balking at certain portions of the American Jobs Act, say they cannot support the bill as... More »

Obama to GOP: This Isn't a Game

President says politics the only thing stopping jobs act

(Newser) - President Obama took to the Rose Garden today, flanked by a crowd of teachers, veterans, cops, firefighters, construction workers, and small-business owners to tout his new jobs bill , arguing that politics were the only thing standing in the way of its passage. “Joe and I as we were walking... More »

Obama's Jobs Bill Goes to Congress Tonight

But it's missing one crucial element, 'Los Angeles Times' notes

(Newser) - "Pass this bill," President Obama said more than two dozen times during his two speeches last week touting his jobs bill —and he’ll say it again tonight when he officially sends the American Jobs Act to Congress. “He will call on Congress to pass the... More »

Bachmann: Obama's Plan Just 'Gimmicks'

She denounces it as a 'political speech'

(Newser) - Michele Bachmann criticized President Obama's jobs plan tonight as filled with "failed gimmicks" and "yet one more political speech where he doubled down on more of the same policies that are killing the United States economy," reports Fox News . "Mr. President, what among your proposals... More »

Brown Ripped for Vote on Jobs Bill

Senator mounts defense as Facebook friends mutiny

(Newser) - Scott Brown is getting flack from all sides for his decision to cross the aisle and vote to end debate on the Senate's $15 billion jobs legislation. The Drudge Report splashed the story on its homepage and tinted a photo of the Massachusetts senator an incriminating red. Far more vociferous... More »

Hours Later, Reid Kills New Jobs Bill

Says Baucus measure gives too much ground in trying for GOP votes

(Newser) - Just hours after Max Baucus unveiled an $87 billion jobs bill that had the support of two Republicans on his Senate Finance Committee, Majority Leader Harry Reid shot it down, saying the measure bent over backward to score GOP support, and went beyond the goal of creating jobs. More »

Senate Unveils $87B Jobs Bill

But vote will have to wait because of snow

(Newser) - Senate Democrats revealed their long-awaited $87 billion jobs bill today, but thanks to the snow, lawmakers may not get around to voting on it for a while. The bill calls for a combination of tax breaks for businesses and construction projects to boost employment, and has the support of two... More »

Reid Promises Vote on Jobs Bill Next Week

But so far, not one Republican senator is on board

(Newser) - Harry Reid plans to bring the first of several Democratic bills aimed at creating jobs to the Senate floor on Monday, with the goal of passing the measure by the end of next week. “For Senate Democrats, creating jobs is job number one,” the majority leader said. “... More »

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