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Facebook Redesign: Photo-Heavy, Mobile-Friendly

Zuckerberg promises 'personalized newspaper' experience

(Newser) - Facebook officially revealed its new design today, a visual and in some ways functional overhaul designed, in Mark Zuckerberg's words, to "give people the best personalized newspaper we can." What does that mean? Well:
  • The first thing you'll notice when it arrives is that photos have
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Facebook Timeline: Is Big Brother Boring?

Writers sound off on big changes

(Newser) - The hype surrounding yesterday’s big Facebook announcement wasn’t misplaced: This really was a massive status update, and as you might expect, it’s generating a lot of comments. Here’s what people are saying:
  • “Timeline brings a long-overdue overhaul to Facebook’s interface,” which previously looked
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Facebook Overhauls News Feed

Now, 'Top News' is always on top of page

(Newser) - Facebook rolled out a dramatic new redesign today, that’s designed to turn Facebook into “your own personal newspaper.” Gone is the option to toggle between “Top Stories” and the “Most Recent” updates; now the stories Facebook deems “Top Stories” will always be on top,... More »

Zuckerberg Unveils Facebook Redesign on 60 Minutes

Honcho also talks privacy, Social Network

(Newser) - Mark Zuckerberg talked about privacy, The Social Network, and Facebook's brand new look in a wide-ranging 60 Minutes interview. The profile-page revamp, which is being rolled out in the coming weeks, offers new ways for users to organize and tag their friends, including new fields for sports played and teams... More »

Facebook Revamps Homepage for 6th Birthday

Search, messaging more prominent in redesign

(Newser) - Facebook turns 6 today and it's celebrating with another major redesign of its homepage. The search bar is larger and more prominent, underlining that Facebook is getting serious about search capablities, Mashable notes. Messaging has been made easier and many functions shunted to the applications tab have been returned to... More »

5 Stories