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Poll: 42% Think Obama's Doing Good Job on Oil Spill

Majority support more drilling, despite risks

(Newser) - The Gulf oil spill is not "Obama's Katrina," regardless of what Rush Limbaugh says. A new AP/GfK poll finds that the disaster hasn't hurt President Obama—but neither has it dimmed the public's desire for more offshore energy drilling. Some highlights:
  • Obama's handling: Some 42% of those surveyed
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Brownie's Pick? Um, Not New Orleans

Michael 'heckuva job, Brownie' Brown says he just follows Colts

(Newser) - The Indianapolis Colts have perhaps taken over as public enemy No. 1 in New Orleans ahead of tomorrow’s Super Bowl matchup with the Saints, but that’s not stopping Michael Brown from trying to get the crown back. Brown, whose handling of Hurricane Katrina as head of the FEMA... More »

2 Stories