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Kevin Spacey Arraigned in Sex Assault Case

Actor appears in court in Nantucket, Mass., but he says nothing

(Newser) - Kevin Spacey failed to avoid his perp walk: The actor showed up in court in Nantucket, Mass., on Monday to be arraigned in his felony sexual assault case . Spacey is accused of groping an 18-year-old busboy in a Nantucket restaurant in 2016, and the busboy reportedly has video proof . Spacey... More »

Ice Bucket Challenge Co-Founder Dead at 27

Corey Griffin jumped from building into Nantucket Harbor

(Newser) - One of the masterminds behind this summer's Ice Bucket Challenge died early Saturday in Nantucket. Police say Corey Griffin, 27, dove off the Juice Guys building into the harbor around 2am, floated to the surface briefly, then sank, the Boston Globe reports. An off-duty lifeguard tried to rescue Griffin... More »

German WWII Sub Found Off Nantucket

Divers finally locate it on the ocean floor

(Newser) - The ocean floor off Massachusetts' Nantucket Island has finally yielded a 70-year-old secret: the location of a sunken German sub from World War II. The U-550, which had wreaked havoc along the East Coast, went down in April 1944 in a battle with US ships, but researchers had been unable... More »

Nantucket Boat Lost 3 Years Washes Up ... in Spain

'That's amazing,' says the US owner

(Newser) - A rogue wave caused the 26-foot Queen Bee to dump its two-person crew into the ocean off the shore of Nantucket in August of 2008. The two boaters, 58 and 68 years old, somehow survived the swim to shore despite choppy waters. Three years later, their boat has washed ashore... More »

Wreck of Whaling Ship Has Ties to Moby-Dick

Its captain's ordeal on another ship inspired Herman Melville's novel

(Newser) - A fascinating bit of history is up from the depths of the Pacific off Hawaii: Marine archeologists have found the remains of an 1880s whaling ship that sailed from Nantucket, reports the Boston Globe . Researchers are happy enough to get a rare look at the tools and gadgets of the... More »

World's Most Terrifying Airports

From New York City to New Zealand, the scariest places to take off and land

(Newser) - If you're already afraid of flying, go watch this video of a frolicking baby lamb . If you're feeling tough, enjoy SmarterTravel's picks for the 10 most frightening airports in the world:
  • Barra Airport, Barra, Scotland: The world's only commercial beach airport. "Passengers can expect to arrive safely on one
... More »

Indian Tribes Fight Obama-Backed Wind Farm

Battle continues to block 130 turbines off Martha's Vineyard

(Newser) - Massachusetts Indian tribes and environmentalists are continuing to battle a massive open-water wind farm just as the White House is signaling its support of the operation. Groups have been fighting the 25-acre 130-turbine planned "Cape Wind" installation off the coast of Martha's Vineyard for a decade. The Mashpee Wampanoag... More »

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