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That 'Like' Button Is Tracking You

But Facebook and other companies claim it's an unintentional side effect

(Newser) - Those ubiquitous “Like” buttons are a convenient way to quickly share hilarious videos and buzzed-about articles with all your Facebook friends—but they’re also a convenient way for Facebook to track you, the Wall Street Journal reveals. Facebook’s “Like,” Twitter’s “Tweet," and... More »

Facebook Gets Patent on Its News Feed: Game Over?

Nah, Twitter et al. probably in the clear

(Newser) - Facebook has received a patent for its news feed, a status update that could have consequences for its social-networking competitors—though analysts disagree on how wide-reaching, if indeed Facebook chooses to go after the likes of MySpace, Twitter et al. “Indeed,” Caroline McCarthy writes for CNET , “technologies... More »

Google Buzz Dangerous for Kids: Parents

Children unprepared for virtual world share more than is prudent

(Newser) - Normally vigilant parents are in a tizzy over Google’s surreptitious addition of its Buzz social networking client to Gmail, which they say enables kids with little understanding of what is prudent to share online to enter a dangerous world. “This is foisted on children and they love it,... More »

Google Wants Your Milkshake

Has search giant strayed from 'Don't Be Evil' motto?

(Newser) - Google used to say it was just a search company, striving to “organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful.” But with the release of Google Buzz, it’s clear what that corporate mission really means, says Simon Dumenco of Advertising Age . “In the... More »

Harvard Student Sues Google Over Buzz Privacy Breach

Class-action suit seeks to stop Google sharing personal data

(Newser) - A Harvard Law School student has launched a class-action lawsuit against Google Buzz, arguing the social network system violated her and other users' right to privacy. Eva Hibnick was automatically signed up for the network without her consent when she logged onto Gmail and people she hadn't spoken to in... More »

Google Buzz Falls Flat

Social-networking party is already full

(Newser) - Google jumped into the social-networking game late and its Buzz still has a lot of catching up to do, writes Katherine Boehret. The opt-in network—which allows users to share photos, blog posts, and Twitter feeds—fits nicely into Gmail but doesn't seem special enough to persuade users to spend... More »

Google 'Sorry', Tweaks Buzz After Privacy Gaffe

Automatic contact list population will now be 'auto-suggest,' and more

(Newser) - Following an outpouring of ire concerning the privacy features—or lack thereof—of its new Buzz social networking client, Google issued an apology and announced it will soon add new settings. “We quickly realized that we didn't get everything quite right,” an exec writes on the search giant’... More »

Google Tweaks Buzz, But Privacy Concerns Remain

Your email could be exposed, and your followers

(Newser) - There’s plenty of hype surrounding Google’s Twitbook-killer Buzz, but the new feature comes with some privacy concerns, too. The problem lies in Buzz’s default settings, Silicon Alley Insider reports, which, if not changed, could expose not only the email contacts of those following you, but also your... More »

Why Google Buzz Is Different

Social media platform hopes to be more intimate than Twitter

(Newser) - Caught off guard by Google Buzz, the social media service that's invaded Gmail? Not to worry; breaks down what Buzz is, and isn’t:
  • It’s not Twitter: Google went out of its way to point out that Buzz integrates with, rather than replaces, Twitter.
  • It’s not
... More »

Google's Gmail Adds Social Networking Features

Twitter-esque feed aggregates from Flickr, YouTube

(Newser) - Google rolled out "Buzz" today, its social-networking add-on to Gmail. The feature essentially turns the Gchat feature into a real-time social news feed, allowing users to follow the people they most frequently email or chat with and integrating information with Flickr, Picasaweb, YouTube, and Twitter. Buzz also has a... More »

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