Phil Harris Deadliest Catch

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Deadliest Catch Stays Classy While Airing Death

Show keeps it real—but doesn't exploit

(Newser) - Deadliest Catch is the realest of reality shows—“in the documentary sense of the word, as opposed to the corrupt facsimile associated with the so-called ‘reality TV’”—and in its coverage of unscripted television’s first death, it maintains that gritty grace. A string of episodes... More »

Inside Deadliest Catch Captain's Final Days

Deadliest Catch captain spent time with family, friends

(Newser) - Deadliest Catch captain Phil Harris spent the days before his death saying all “the things that he had to say to the people he had to say them to,” says his best friend. “I got five days to actually talk with him,” son Josh tells People... More »

Fans Loved Proud Sea Cowboy Devoted to Sons

Ocean of grief greets fierce skipper's passing

(Newser) - The surprise death of popular Deadliest Catch skipper Phil Harris triggered an ocean of grief among fans who fell hard for the rascally, lion-hearted captain. The gritty fisherman who stared down danger seeking crab in the most treacherous seas in the world became the public's new all-American cowboy: fierce, proud,... More »

Deadliest Catch Captain Dies

Popular Cornelia Marie skipper Phil Harris dead at 53

(Newser) - Affable captain Phil Harris of Discovery Channel's hit reality series Deadliest Catch has died at the age of 53. The man often called the toughest skipper in America suffered a stroke while offloading his catch from his boat the Cornelia Marie in Alaska last month and never fully recovered, AP... More »

4 Stories